:::Animation:Master 2004 más updates:::

2da actualización para la versión 11.0 (parece que serán semanales, como ocurrió con a:m 2003).

a:m 2004 v11.0b.

Fixes since last beta versión.

Fixed setting action shortcut repeat todo non integer values {Steven Potter}.

Fixed sounds not starting a the begining of an action {Bob Freman}.

Made Hair density be in hairs per square cm. New values are larger than old values but the density remains the same.

Fixed Hair and with render as lines in same model {bernd}.

Increasing the number of control points on Hair After groming correctly sabes farther groming. {Stephen millingen}.

Hair with modified length at the guides automátically makes longer softer and shorter stifer than default.

Surface constraint now ignores Hair systems. {Paul forwod}.

Z-buffered Hair no longer ignores cast shadow flag on Hair system.

Cast shadow flag on Hair systems defaults todo on.

Z-buffered Hair viewed with strong perspective does not have small gaps between Polygons.

Final rendering of reflective Hair works correctly, no more stray Polygons. {John keates}.

Rendering of Hair with transparency does not get progressively slower. {John Henderson}.

Rigid body simulation does not crash After finishing. {Michael desantis}.

Orientlike constraint with enforcement 100% blends with its own Bones orientation correctly when a parent bone is scaled. {sam b.}.

Groming guides stay positioned as gromed Even if Hair dynamics are on. Saludos, actualizados de Shazam.

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