Blender cada vez mejor

Hola como van. Bueno de seguro ya lo saben, pero quiero publicar aquí lo que se viene para Blender solo para saber que es lo que opinan.

Tolchain improvement – Development list – Work in progress.

Blender integration work.

User defined objects and window types.

External engine rt preview.

Generic (and god) id property editor.

Generic pynode system for Shaders, animations, logic.

Blender as a game editor.

G generategreatgame button.

Better navigation on maps.

Better placing of objects.

Factory list for instancing assets.

Bigger ranges.

Material Garbage collector.

Meta data.

Naming template.


Final logic editor.

Animation editor.

Animation preview.

Material preview.


New animation system.

New render manager.


New component model.

Quest extensiones.

New Camera.

Actor move.


Entity run levels.


Tolchain improvement – Community wishlist.

For all, Stuff we Will really do is being collected under: development list. This page is more for Raw ideas collected from forums: Ogre, indygamer, Blender and our blog.

Crystal space.

Real time software shadows.

Skinned rag-doll physics.

Blur you se when looking th rouge Steam or fire.

Meshes with layers or Glow around them.

Glsl support.

Cubemap Generator.

Shaders: col effects, Weaver, cleaning /shader/ dir.


Region unloading.

Painting tools.

Using a tablet and Paint is a serious pita compared todo any other programa. Its like having a Pen that still works like a mouse but with incorrect pressure stacking.

Proper undo.

Be able todo se the Paint brush.

Múltiple axis.

Mirror painting.


Cut and paste.


Unified brush system (same brush for Sculpt mode and texture painting mode).

Create new brush directly inside Blender.

Add a brush Path in the user preferencias\file Path menú.

Make straight line while holding shift (like Sculpt mode Smooth stroke).

Possibility todo edit the fall-of for Smooth stroke and normal painting.

Painting Normal Map in real-time.

Draw my texture images directly on my 3d model in the 3d view After unwrapping. Its somewhat posible now, but neds some love.

Integration with Gimp?
Projection painting.

Múltiple layer painting.

Ability todo 3d Paint, while keping hidden Faces, hidden (not sure how todo explain this clearly, y mean, if another object hides part of the object im painting on, id like todo have the choice todo se it or not. As it is now, in texture Paint mode, the Painted object always shows th rouge other objects).


For doing simpler leg setups i would find it extremely helpful if there were the option that IK Targets can automátically Snap bak todo the bone they are applied todo if you move them todo far.

Easier todo reuse animations on diferent characters (alos with slightly diferent proportions or armatures) but i fear this is one of the more dificult things todo implement.

A better bien todo preview an action, currently the start/end frames of the scene are used for preview (alt-a), but it would often be better use the start and end of an action instead when doing character animation, a function like play bak animation between markers or so would be god, where the user could place markers that show the start and end of the action.

Improves in the bien the IK responds, the handling of it and rotations when you have a complex rig with Many constraints, would end up in speed up of all sort of projects. Anything that would help in picking your IK targets in a fast way, and todo handle it naturally.

Flip vertex group name and shape Anim while applying mirror modifier.

Nice todo have would be something similar todo the Biped skeleton / fotstep tools. To have a ready-to-go skeleton that fits a lot of characters and the ability todo have walk animation Cycles created automátically save a lot of time.


Moving the averaging menú todo the Sculpt properties widget would be small a workflow improvement.

Faster renderer/sculpting mode (working with a million of Polygons can be really annoying).

Improve 3d painting Bodypaint, 3d, ZBrush, and modo are enormously ahead of us (among others) in the painting department. The first and simplest thing would be Unify the painting tool working methods: sculpting, painting in the 3d interfaz, and various 2d painting methods should all be able todo use the same tools and methods preferably styled After the sculpting tools since it has the best hotkey, Pen tablet and interaction methods and it has best brush methods. After that id like todo use much larger textures for 3d and 2d painting. Then it would be extremely nice todo be able todo Paint diferent channels (Spec, color, Diffuse) and Paint diferent layers. Other useful things would be painting across múltiple objects.

Image based Sculpt (like modo).


Improved retopology tools – Many artists are switching todo a Sculpt first – Then retopologize – Then detail Sculpt the current best tool for retopology is topogun. Retopologizing is creating a new Mesh topology over an existing Mesh. Some tools allow you todo retopologize your existing hipoly Mesh and have the sculpted details baked into your new Mesh automátically.

Being able todo edit a multires Mesh – Silo allows you todo add deleete and extrude parts of your base Mesh, Even though they are multires – Currently in Blender you must deleete or apply multires before you can edit the Mesh. (se letterrip mensaje at : view topic – What are you missing in your gamedev tolchain? ).

A merge vértices brush, much like the box select brush (double tap b) that welds all the vértices together in its selection área.

Eficient Tri strips when converting quads todo tris (headus uv Layout support – Home).


Better support for baking normals, Ambient Occlusion and other things one might want for textures.

Baquíng the single bounce indirect illumination.

Radiósisty baking (texture based).

Ao baking afected by Smooth options (there are hard Edges in Shadow Map right now, Even when they are smoothed) this one is not clear.

More High Poly todo Low poly baking options like Ambient Occlusion or Diffuse color (or anything).

Antialiased baking.

Blender Python Api.

Additional menús.

Access more of Blender interfaz th rouge Python.

Draw mode flexibility.

Blender-Game Engine integration.

Property editor.

Node editor for realtime Shaders.

Contextual help (hover help).

Cuestomizable interfaz.

Cuestom object types, the last time i used Blender as level editor i used empty with special names todo marque Spawn points, enemy positions and such.

Materials looking the same in ge as render.

Real time preview, over the network.

Game editor.

Improved workflow for light mapping whole levels (and preview them without much efort) + global exporter scale.

Be able todo set collision box in the 3d editor (and se it).

Polygon/triangle counter.

Easy sound implementation, possibility todo set spatial position.

Better physics support.

More flexible walkthrought Camera modes.

A embeberversión management interfaz (svn) as alternative todo Raw file-browser would be col (in the direction of asset management).

Blend in a ghosted model as reference for getting the scale and orientation right might be helpful in some cases.

Better navigation on big levels.

More complex meta data per object for external engines.

Material system Will be more unified for rendering and the Game Engine or exporting todo external engines.

Realtime IK/Bones preview in the ge.


Automatic refresh of changed image file. + better support for interior modeling: a bien todo auto-hide backfacing Polygons when modeling the inside of a building or level, since they have the tendency todo get in the way.

Uv relax (that helps todo kep the same texel in all mapped Faces).

Make nice artwork automátically button.

Make my game not suck button.

Compleete IDE dream.

Better (free) static code Analysis tools like codesonar or coverity prevent.

Advanced image manipulation capabilities / image editing (2d drawing and manipulation software, would be nice todo remove Gimp / Krita from pipeline).

Raster editing part a los (to remove Inkscape from pipeline).

Mind-Maping module.

The idea is todo have Blender for all art related / development Stuff. Like from starting a Project: design documents (text or mind Maping), 2d story board (animated).

Tols for fonts edition and integration.


A tool like polybost todo improve the workflow when working with Low polygon models and high definition models would be very nice in Blender untitled document.

Smoothing of tangents before baking, as in ZBrush todo avoid nasty seams in Game Engines.

Rays travel along smoothed normals but tangents get calculated vía solid normals. This would be a god option for smoothing groups.

Save as directory checkbox in the save dialog could make things much easier (for versión control).

Export library function that works like an inverse of load library and allows todo export pieces of a (*.blend) todo a new.blend file, would make some tasks easier then having todo deleete all unneded Stuff manually.

Layers naming, reordering or in general customize layers.

Being able todo change the format todo save images in the save dialog (now it can only be done outside).

An automatic bien todo make sure that a (*.blend) file properly refers todo external files, y, by relative Path only, not packed. When commiting.blends todo SVN its very easy todo mess things up so that the.blend doesnt work properly for other users.

A window that shows poly count and poly Budget that you can leave open, much like the one in max.

Be able todo use vse or other Sequencer todo arrange sounds in cutscenes.

Improvement of the file->append or enlace, Blender can be not only modelling application but a los complex level editor.

Correct handling of transparent textures in the viewport (options for bak todo front sorted drawing and for alpha testing).

Integration with the Nvidia texture tools and Cuda would be great.thus allowing users with new GPUs todo take full advantage of them within Blender. (Nvidia texture tools 2, Cuda downloads – Nvidia).

Target weld would a los be nice or just redoing the Snap tool so its posible todo use proporcional edit with it. i know but for Even smoother workflow target weld with dragging the vertex is much faster and less tedious than Alt+m all the time.

An intuitive eraser would a los be nice. The current one leaves a color ghosting effects behind which can make painting transparency nearly imposible.

An icon for the brush alpha in the brush tab of multires as a reminder for when you come bak todo a Project and cant remember what alphas you have loaded.

Blenders coordinate system be expanded todo perhaps an Infinite design plane, or at least a floating design plane if an Infinite one can not be accomplished.

Bevel tool (it cant select individual Edges, and the other bevel script screws up pretty bad 70% of the time), and also, when selecting Faces, it would be col if it acted like in modo, where you select two along a line, then, using the arrow keys, you selet the rest, its sort of like the select loop tool and Control +numplus. That would save me some time.

The orientation is properly flipped todo account for diferences between Blender axes and otherprograms axes (handedness and axis problem).

Stuf that directly doesnt apply todo us.

Misc useful Stuff.

Options for selection of Blender units, meter/centimeter and fet/inches would cover all the bases for modeling.

Uv editing.

View UVS of múltiple selected objects in UV editor.

Id like todo se more space-ship friendly features in the áreas of uv-mapping, multi-res and 3d Paint.

Crazy Stuff.
Web plugin.

A mode todo support assembling models like vehicles/spaceships/buildings from components, similar todo lego. (saving groups of components as new components, defining Snap points), components would be reusable, and it would save trouble with uvwmapping (once the components are mapped).

A crazy característica would be todo be able todo draw b-Spline lines on the objects surface, and stroke it with the active brush.sort of 3d Vector drawing, but, ok, this is a bit crazy.

The ability todo create save and load colour swatches (¿) would be welcome.

The ability todo import Blender from any Python script. – (not posible without major changes).

Premade animation armatures, Rag Doll templates.

Rejected (Stuff we dont want).

Direct support for Gimp/xcf files non standard format, Gimp should support open EXR or similar.

Editor todo manage múltiple light baking etc, light manager? Just use layers or a new scene and enlace in the objets you want todo bake.


Better Mesh exporting Api. The current one doesnt kep vertex sharing and thus produces over bloated Mesh data.

Improve verse.

Make fbx exporter work on MacBook pros.

Exporter defaults get saved with Control + u.

Export todo DirectX.
Working collada exporter that does more than static meshes.

Exporter for w3d.

Like helping the author of the b3d plugin with lightmaps export, or provide lightmaps export in other formats, but hopefully the most used. Luckily, there are always formats that tend todo be most used (md5, b3d, x, md3, md2, (*.obj), ase, fbx, collada) like i have sen Many engines and tools already importing lightmapped levels in *.b3d format.

Import and export script for Microstation (. Dgn).

Better import of collada and fbx formats in Blender (with armature animation).

Cuestom object properties support for the fbx exporter.

Instancing support for the fbx exporter.


Better integration with yarfay, Shaders, particles – Final Gathering/global ilumination based on Photons maps.

Blender unrelated.

Improve OpenGL preview.

Background images assined independently todo 6 Ortho views.

Easy bien todo demo (and edit) GLSL and hlsl Shaders.

Blender Game Engine.

Logic brik improvement.

Better message brik.

Near sensor is buggy.

Logic bricks fixed (generic logic bricks Stuff).

Ipo actuador neds work.

Velocity collision controller.

Bge Api incredibly awkward.

More sensors and actuadores (with some inteligencia artificial blocs for example).

Possibility todo use more complex tree of logic blocs (sensors => controlers > sensors > controlers > actuadores > controlers > sensors >).
When it comes todo BGE is that we have todo revert todo old versións of concepts in order for it todo work in BGE. Itd be great if things like the armature or Subsurf modifier worked in Game Engine on the fly without having todo convert it todo the old, Dirty way.

Things we already have (in current versión or in SVN or at least planned).

An option todo automátically generate a heightmap from a plane.

Uv editing in Edit Mode.

Repeat textures outside the 0.1 área in the uv-editor. (helpful for mapping tiled textures).

Baquíng appróximate Ambient Occlusion.

The ability todo export double sided polys (for Grass planes and leaves etc) would be a godsend.

Make it so geometry or empties can enlace todo Python scripts.

Cross platform viewer.

Set smooth/solid working on certain Edges/Faces.

Smooth groupsí -> Edge Split modifier is the solution they say.

Easier ways of setting Edges Smoothness/hardness -> fast and interactive.

Easier ways of setting Edges Smoothness/hardness, it must be fast and interactive. (yes yes you can use the clunky modifier thing but its clunk y, and Slow, pls dont get ofended).

My two biggest problems were tools like smoothing groups, hard/software Edges, etc. I believe Blender now has this, but it doesnt sem todo be hoked into any export thing.

Scripts per object.

Meta data.

Headless-less mode for running scripts and do Batch conversión, having the interfaz pop-up can get a Little annoying when doing command line Stuff (xnest helps somewhat).

Easily search for any game object, asset or script, and reuse with simple drag and drop.

Built in Shaders and FX todo drag and drop.

Lasso selection in the UV editor.

Non-uniform scale in the UV editor.
Weld selected vértices if the distance between them líes within a certain threshold.

Baquíng hipoly->lopoly.

Ds support (note, no support for loading compressed textures into OpenGL memory or cubemaps), they work like other images.

Only do heat-weighting on visible bone (or something similar) wkey when in pose and weight Paint mode.

A thicken tool. Se Mesh scripts menú.

A better decimate tool, that keps uvs intact and has enough decency todo kep a god Mesh flow se Mesh scripts, should be converted todo a modifier.

Postponed for Blender 2.5.

Cuestom Hot keys.

Integrate scripting in Core UI.

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