Problema con cámaras y render en Blender 2 56

1- I have two scenes with two cameras. In the first scene i have the cameras, and they are linked todo the second scene.
2- I use markers at the frame 100, and ive bound the second Camera todo that marker, so in the frame 100 the active Camera is Camera 02.
3- I ned todo create manually the same markers on the second scene (i dont know if there is an option for duplicating the first scene ones, if there isnt, id suggest this característica, Even the cameras are linked. I think that if the cameras are linked, they are expected todo change the active Camera when in any scene they are changed.
4- I combine both scenes on the compositor (in a crappy bien on the example, y must say).

If we render the scene, everything work as expected.

If we change the current frame todo something After 100, scene 01 Will be rendered correctly, from Camera 02, but scene 02 Will be taken from Camera 01.

I think the problem is the next one: the current frame number is not in Sync between scenes, so when we change the current frame todo 120, on scene one the active Camera is Camera 02, but on the second scene, Even at rendertime the frame number is correct, the active Camera is Camera 01, wich shouldnt happen because:
A) cameras are linked.

B) we have markers binded todo cameras because we want them todo change.

Note: i dont know if there is any possibility for activating current frame Sync between scenes, if there isnt any option for that, id a los suggest it as a característica, because i faced several times the situation that i want todo animate two objects on diferent scenes, on the same frame, and when i switch from one scene todo another, y ned todo remember the frame number and changet on the current scene. Gracias.