Global lighting

Well to see that, because I know that I’m going to raise controversy with this theme, but the thing seems interesting.I am going to be the first to get wet and I will say that I vote for manual lighting, which means I give it more value, but it does not mean that I will not use other techniques of course, they are there and they are fabulous no doubt.The issue is that remembering when I had my old man 166, I dreamed of a machine that could render faster and now that we have this machines we opted for the radiosity when we could be much more productive with traditional lighting, we would also see or at least I would my dream Faster or productivity.

The issue is that some render ilumination lenses are so good, that if I do not say they would have sworn they had radiosity, some even have that touch of the artist that will never give an IG engine, and to top it off some scenes with 40 or 50 lights alone It takes a few minutes to render.What I say does not detract from radiosity, HDRI and others. But are not we focusing too much on these techniques and leaving others forgotten, and therefore not learning how to model the light? Regards.