Cinema 4d r9


No active tool manager any more, it has ben replaced by the am who can be used in múltiple instances if you liked the old worklfow.

Drag & drop for most text input Fields (selection restrictions etc).

Animation in the am by using the red dots / circles for each property.

Almost every animatable porperty can be used in the new head up display.

Mouse centred global popup with the most common commands.

Tearable menús for fast interfaz adjustment.

Head up display for Many viewport and scene informacións as well as nearly every object property. Properties can be grouped and modified as well as animated in the viewport.
-Wastly extended viewport options.

Multi key shortcuts.

Optional fin display for Bones.



Tweak mode.

Auto switch mode.

Brush tool (smear, pull, surface, normal, repel, spin, twistear, vortex and Smooth for modelling, Paint, blur, intensity and bled for vertex weights) several fallof options including user defined.



Stitch & Sew.


Bevel with user defined Spline.

Close polygon hole.

Measure & construct.

All older tools have ben completely overhauled all of them now interactive.

Selection functions: loop, ring, outline, fill.

Easier selection conversión by using qualifiers when switching modes.

Múltiple object modelling.

Isoline editing.

Deformed editing.

N-Gon on/of option for most tools.

Pivot point.


Cached software shadows.

Increased Ray Depth (500 instead of 50).

New fresenel option for more realistic Glass.

Sub polygon displacement with diferent smoothing options (can replace hns in some situations).

Displacement now with intensity, intensity (centered), rg, RGB (local/world), 16 bit per channel support.

Character animation.

New fast hard-ik.

Faster and more predictable software IK.

IK / FK blending.

Auto IK loock.

Pole vectors.

Motion blending with ghosting.

Motion retargeting todo match motions todo diferent Skeletons.

Tearable Cloth.

Cachable Cloth.

Cloth Nurbs that allows todo give Cloth thickness.

Selected Polygons can be excluded from collision- Posemixer is now a tag and more powerfull then ever.

Quaternion interpolation (thre variations).

Import export.


Combustion, Final Cut.

Nxn alienbrain.


G5 optimisation.

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