Cloth FX en 3dsmax

No tengo tiempo de traducir esto, pero no es muiy complicado. Explica lo que hace la Cloth extensión prometida para enero (por el mismo precio, Ballo).

Nearly 40,000 Discreet 3ds Max 7 artists are experiencing the benefits of the Discreet subscription programa. Isnt it time you embraced 3ds Max, the world most productive and widespread 3d animation, modeling and rendering tool? Buy 3ds Max 7 on subscription today and get immediate free Access todo the six e-learning modules for.
3ds max 7. In addition, youll receive the Cloth extensión, at no additional cost, when it becomes available in january.

The Cloth extensión todo 3ds Max 7 delivers a sophisticated Cloth simulation system that gives artists the creative tools todo build realistic, film-quality clothing for 3d characters in film, televisión, advertising and games projects. With this powerful new tool in your 3ds Max 7 arsenal, you can:
o build clothing that behaves just like it.
Would in the real world.
o create Cloth that reflects both Fabric type.

And clothing pattern and can be tailored.

To fit any model.
o save and share your Cloth types todo bost.

Productivity among artists.

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