Comprar tableta gráfica para Blender

(Matt ebb) 2006/08/03 14:23:00 cest.

* tablet pressure support in Ghost.

This is ported from nicmortal kombats Bishop sculpting GSOC (Google Summer of Code) tre. Im brigging it.

Over now so a) it can be there for when lukep does his Ghost refactor b) its.

Something that Ghost should have anyway, particularly now there interest in.

Painting tools and c) it missing support in Windows, so hopefully now some.

Enterprising Windows coder can add that more easily in the main fundación Blender tre.
right now x11 and Mac OSX are supported. I added and can maintain the Mac OSX.

Part, but im not familiar with the xinput Stuff, which nicmortal kombats wrote. Both.

X11 and Mac are collecting active device and pressure, and Mac is also.

Collecting x and y tilt data. Up todo coders how they want todo use this información.

Although the data coming in, i havent actually made this do anything. i.

Thought it best todo leave it todo Brecht todo figure out what he wants todo do with the.

Painting Stuff, and i wonder what other interesting uses there could be for it.
(Proporcional edití).
ill write implementation details in a sepárate mail todo.

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