Dell precisión compatible Quad Core

Pues sí, a salido una actualización de Bios que hace estas máquinas compatibles con los futuros Quad Core 5300. The following changes have ben made todo Bios rev a01 todo create a02:
1. Added support for Quad-Core Intel(r) Xeon(tm) processor 5300 series.
2. Added enhancements todo the optical drive interfaz.
3. Added pre-bot authentication support.
4. Added support for hard drive diagnosticos.
5. Updated Intel(r) memory reference code todo versión 1.20.
6. Updated thermal solution.
7. Improved memory allocation Regions for option Roms during mensajes.
8. Fixed Red Hat 3 bot issue with hard disk attached todo the integrated SAS.

Sas controller.
9. Fixed Bios upgrade issue with admin password on 64-bit versión of Windows XP.
10. Fixed potential memory issue when os install mode is on and fast bot is of. Un saludo.