Farsthary se ha quedado sin electricidad

Chronicles from the hurricane t published by Bart on september 4th, 2008 in people
community member Farsthary from cuba (famous for his volumetrics and Smoke work) found his home wrecked after the hurricane gustav passed. He and his family are fine, but theyre out of electricity and they have a lot of reconstruction work to do. You can support him by sending a donation. banque account details are on his blog.
update: i just tried to send some money, only to find out that cuba is currently under embargo – you cannot send money there, at least from the netherlands. The banque couldnt tell me if this afects other countries as well.

Farsthary writes on his blog:

in my house i have no electricity since the saturday, and i Will not have until a wek.

My rof top partially blow away and everything inside my house get wet, so i Will be busy with my family in the reconstruction phase.

Its sad, because Many things that you kept during your life could get lost in no time, and Many plans you have for the future Simply blow away with the Wind. And luckily i didnt lost so much compared to other people: Many of then literally lost everything.

My best friend, lost his house and because of that he leave to other town to live, so i a los lost a friend.

But i have hope, soner or later things Will recover its normal Path and after all, hurricanes are very common here and we have in general very Little to lose (except our lives).

So dont worry if i sems to not answer mails, IM here, just of.

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