The first secrets of the Amapi textures

the first secrets of the Amapi textures.

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Here is the part which has ben may be the most improved into Amapi 4. The textures editor is shown here in its basic versión. If you click onthe more parameters button, you Will get some more adjustments, we Will only speak about the basic editor. To discover a function, click on the corresponding button or picture, the name of the selected texture, you can edit and rename it, récord it where you want, preview window.

It put a texture on the selected object (here, a sphere) with the lights of your scene. To estop it, press on the escape key. To launch it again, press the enter key. You can turn your object, zoom, like into the Amapi main scene. Clever, isnt ití.


They are those which are into the selected folder. You just have todo drag and drop a texture on your object, and that all, styles.

Try them, you Will be surpresad. This is one of the Superb brand new features of this versión: you can, instead of the usual realist rendering, choose a cartoon or technical design look like rendering. You can adjust each parameter (color, thickness). Use your own models todo create a cartoon, more parameters.

You can edit and modify each texture. It would ned more than 20 pages into this tutorial only for this chapter. May be later?
Map a picture.

How were we expecting about this function. You can now map a bitmap file on your object.

Diferent modes are available: plan, sphere, cylinder, Cube. You can adjust the image size, the tiling, if neded. The picture can be used todo make a Bump mapping, transparencies, or so. Numerous file formats can be imporded: jpeg, (*.tga), bmp, folders.

If you click on this icon, this window Will show you the folder list you had chosen. Your objects and textures are, like this, easily managed.

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