Hashs animation master 2006 v14 0 alpha

(kenh @ oct 2 2006, 09:33 pm).
there a gamma setting in the render options for starters.

How todo use:
1) use the spinning gamma chart todo set the current gamma setting for your monitor. Move a distance away from your monitor until you cannot distinguish the lines in the left side of the gamma chart. Scroll up or down until the two sides of the gamma chart look the same gray level.
2) enter the desired gamma correction in the edit box above the gamma chart. That would normally be 2.2.

Now this gamma correction Will be applied todo any progressive or quik renders. This Will allow you todo adjust textures and lighting for a given gamma correction while doing render previews.

(mattwbradbury @ oct 2 2006, 09:34 pm).
i se something new. Distribute passes característica in lights with Raytraced shadows.

If this is checked, then the number of ray cast for Raytraced software shadows Will be distributed among passes. There are two benefits todo this:
1) if you set a given number of ray cast for a given software shadow quality, then you dont ned todo adjust that number if you render with multipase with diferent number of passes.
2) if you set the number of ray cast to, let say 2, just todo get software shadows, then each passes Will cast only one ray instead of two each. Thus reducing rendering time by appróximately a factor of 2.

Yves poissant. www.ypoart.com.

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