Hexagon 2 5 1 36 public beta ahora disponible

Parece que quieren volver a resucitar este software de modelado. En los foros de Daz3d: https://forum, Daz3d.com/viewtopic.ph…3382&flatnum=1.

Just when you thought Hexagon was going nowhere, it ben Jump-started and is ready for you todo put it bak th rouge its paces.

It wasnt easy, but Hexagon is bak and kickin.

So what does this mean todo you?
If Hexagon was a car, this would be a major rebuild of the engine and transmission. We expect todo have better stability for users and a cleaner code base for the development team going forward.

The development team has updated the code base and fixed over 225 bugs. Over half of those were crash bugs. We would like your input on this build. As you find issues por favor log them in the bug tracker.

This is not a finished release, we ned your input todo identify and log bugs which ned fixing for the update. This neds todo happen quickly as we want todo finish this update in the next couple of weks.

Access todo Hexagon public beta is for a limited time todo provide input todo the development team. We want todo finish of the major issues that plague Hexagon. This beta Will expire on june 8th, 2011.
What should i know about Hexagon
1. Reléase versión and the beta should not be run on the same machine. This could negatively impact those who use Hexagon in a production environment.
2. This is a rebuild with new libraries and though Many bugs have ben fixed in this beta, there are some new bugs that werent in the previous build.

Known issues:
1. Camera view must be moved todo refresh the workspace display in some cases when opening files.
2. Materials dont display in workspace viewport until clicking on unassigned Faces on Mac.
3. Reopening saved beta.hxn Hexagon files Drops label names for materiales, Shading domain and objects on Mac.
4. Not all icons have tool tips yet.
5. Dissolve Edges with the new remove vértices option does not always remove vértices as expected.
6. Full screen preference doesnt work at start-up.
7. File association for.hxn arent set and cant be set for Hexagon on PC and Mac.
8. Hxn file icons are incorrect.
9. Number pad enter key does not work for validate.
10. Uv map background is transparent when saved.
11. The Hexagon-Daz Studio bridge does not yet work on Mac.
12. The Hexagon-Daz Studio bridge does not work with Daz Studio 4 at this time.
13. The Hexagon-Daz Studio bridge does not send model textures todo Daz Studio.
14. Shortcuts cant be edited.
15. Exporting models with dynamic geometry causes crash.
16. Extrusión tool causes crash on validate on Mac.
17. 3d text primitives do not create all font primitives correctly on Mac.

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