Map|zone 2 free: generador de texturas procedurales gratis

Plug in application for ms Windows and mao x.
o works with Adobe Photoshop 7 & CS (Windows).
o works with Adobe Illustrator 10 & CS (Windows).
o works with Adobe Photoshop CS (mao x).

o intuitive one and fine authoring.
o FX map technology included.
o 16-bit rendering available in all filter.
o filter include presets, but quietly editable, for quik effects.
o preset of filter can customized and combined with other map|zone of filter.
o unlimited output resolution.
o seamlessly tileable.
o antialiasing of fácilities.
o alpha values support.

o intuitive ones graphical user interfaz.
o very simple interfaz with col look and fel.
Workflow integration.
o Expendable effects library.
o incorpórate of new filter library as they become available.
o enhance the provided library with your creations.

Minimun system requirement.
o Windows 95 ton of XP, Pentium 3.
o or Mac OS 10,1, power PC G4.
o 256 Mb Ram.
o 800 por 600 24-bit resolution.

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