Maxwell render ya esta cerca

Acabo de recibir este mensaje de Next Limit: Dear Maxwell friends. We hope all is well and that you are as excited about the reléase of Maxwell v1.0 as we are.
We have set an oficial reléase date for Maxwell:
The big day Will be nov. 22.

Yes, we know that Many of you were hoping todo get your hands on it this month as wed previously announced but After careful consideration, weve decided todo wait a few more days and make sure that its released the bien we all want it todo be and get a Little more beta testing under our belts. Things are looking god, really god. We hope you understand. Believe us, it Will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, todo tide you over until the release, you Will be receiving wekly updates on progress, features and información regarding the full reléase versión of Maxwell.

A ver que tal viene la cosa.

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