[Maya] Maya Quadro k2000

Hola, qué tal? Quisiera saber si alguno ha tenido la tarjeta de video Quadro k2000 y si esta le ha dado algún tipo de problemas con el software maya?
Quisiera adquirir una y un comentario de un usuario me ha hecho dudar. Cito el texto:


I use this card for Autodesk Maya. I finally upgraded from my old Quadro 600 that worked god, but was looking for more performance. This card delivers. Its definitely pricier than consumer cards, but works well when you use 3D design programas or even Photoshop. I dont own a Quadro 4000, but looking at the specs, the K2000 is similar with more CUDA Cores at half the price (win-win).

So far the only down side is early driver issues. 30 bit color no longer works in Maya, and the Force 10-bit mode in the driver causes both Photoshop and Maya to crash. Thats very disappointing, since thats why I wanted a card with two displayport outputs to drive my 30 bit enabled primary monitor and displayport only second monitor.

However, like Ive sen with the 600, drivers are updated frequently by Nvidia, so Im confident theyll get support up and running especially with their certified drivers.

Unless you ned the extra performance or two displayport outputs, the K600 can be had at less than half the cost and still has god performance, making it a better value in my opinión.

Mil gracias.

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