Messiah studio 5

Me he pasado por la página de Project Messiah, y que veo: Muchos bug fixes, entre otras cosas:

New versión 5.0, available now.

Updated character animation and workflow features. Dynamic render interactive rendering, sketch, Hair and particle instances, UV bake render, view shader flow displacement in OpenGL, and more.…5_whatsnew.pdf.

New Stuff:
Sketch mode: added a new mode called sketch where you can sketch on top of your.

Scene in 2d and play your sketches per frame in an animation.

Displacements: now displacement can be viewed in OpenGL.

Hair Glue: a new Messiah effect for easily locking Hair guides todo geometry without neding.

Them todo be deformed by Bones.

Dynamic render: instant update of render window, with quality threshold and resolution.


Instances: particles can now generate instances on the fly.

Delaypoints: a new modifier which can be used todo delay the deformation of points with a.
Weight and/or delay based on the direction they are travelling. In the example below, the.

Arms are moving quickly downwards and the effect of delaypoints is weighted by the.

Direction of travel, resulting in a Motion Blur type of effect.

Y la lista del pdf, no está completa.


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