Modo 601 con rigging the personajes

Algunas de las principales mejoras:

Deformadores y animación de personajes.

Skeleton tool/Mesh Binding.

Full-body Inverse Kinematics.

Pose tool.

Pose space sculpting.

Actors with poses and actions.

Visible motion paths.


Fallofs as deformers.

Textured fallofs.

Alembic support.

Md driven object deformation.


Bullet physics library engine.

Rigid body dynamics.

Software body dynamics.


Dedicated re-topology modeling tools and viewport.

Topology Pen tool.

Pixar subdivisión surfaces improvements.

Preserve uvs.

Mesh cleanup.

New geometry constraint point mode.

Software selection fallof.

Lazy selection.

Vertex map painting.

Matcap materiales.

Silhouette view.

Enhanced render view.
3d Paint performance.

Render within a capped time limit.
3d mouse support.


Render booleans.

Sky portals.

Rounded Edge shader.

Texture bombing (texture replicator).

Oren-nayer Diffuse roughness Shading.

Subsurface scattering depth control.

Camera clipping (by surface or material).

Render passes.

Preview renderer improvements.

Spectral samples.


Skin shader.

Hair shader.

Cel shader.

Volúmenes y replicators.

Volumetric rendering.

Volumetric rendering (clouds).

Replicator improvements.

RealFlow support.


Particle painting/sculpting.

Volumetric sprites.

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