M~r it test render v1

M~r.it have organized a Little test render, the rules and an introducción of the test are collected in the pdf file. In the download section of m~r.it site.

You con find the 3d model files in the following format:

To better understand the church in the download section you can find a los a photo collection and 2d files of the plans, the prospects and a section.
General rules todo participate at m~r test render v1.0.
The character and the reliability requirements that we want todo make, we have decided todo purpose some rules that you must respect if you want todo participate, all the results must be rigorously comparables.

The images must respect the following characteristics:
Light: lights parameters must equal for interiors scenes and exteriors scenes; Sky (skydome o phsky) Sun (phsun o artificiale emitter).

Size: images size must select between this suggestions, px 1000 por 1000 – Px 1000 por 700 – Px 700 por 1000.

Cameras: there is no límites.

Materials:used materiales for texturing must be similar at the original building, you can todo base yourself with photographic materiales found on others resources (the founded material must be produced before the end of contest).

Text: it is oblige todo replace the following data relatively on the image:
-Used plugin.
-Render time.
-Used hardware.
-Lights setup.
-Cameras setup.

Extension: all the image must be saved in (*.jpg) with high quality todo publish her on the forum.

Model: it is imposible todo modify or todo add some external elements.