Nueva versión Vray 1 47 02

Tengo muchas ganas de probarla. Pongo aquí las mejoras, solucionan ya al parece el problema con el pelo de max 7.5. Build 1.47.02 – 11 may 2005:
Modified features:
* Vray proxy objects are now treated as bitmaps so that they can be exported along with the rest of the scene.
* if the secondary rays bias is 0.0 in texture baking mode, Vray Will automátically adjust this todo 0.001 todo avoid errors.

Extended features:
* new parameter Anisotropy added todo the Dof parameters. This allows the stretching of the bokeh effect horizontally or vertically.
* added a hidden parameter system_vraylog_cctodebugger todo allow redirecting the Vray log todo the 3ds Max log file.
* added a hidden parameter system_vraylog_numthreads for manual control of the number of rendering hilos.
* added a new parameter blur GI todo the Irradiance Map parameters with the purpose of reducing flickering of GI in animations with moving objects.

Bug fixes:
* Hair in 3ds Max 7.5 in buffer mode did not render in Camera views.
* complex materiales (blend, Shellac) and the fallof map with shadow/light mode did not work in Path tracing mode.
* highlights were not computed in the progressive Path tracing mode of the Light Cache.
* zoming and panning in the 3ds Max VFB could crash 3ds Max.
* multi/sub materiales with some shader types could render with wrong brightness.
* interpolated Glossy reflections didnt work with multi/sub material.
* crashes with displacement and Motion Blur when the displacement map used object XYZ mapping.
* crashes during building the Irradiance Map with overlapped lok-up mode when interp, samples not divisible by 4.
* when the override mtl button is clicked, the material browse dialog is opened twice in 3ds Max 7.
* in Track View, the parameter names for Vray displacement mod were wrong.
* the hilbert curve Generator crashed if the región size is larger than the rendered región.
* rare crashes with dynamic geometry (displacement etc) when it neded todo be unloaded from memory.
* objects with visible todo Camera of were visible in the z-buffer.
* spots with back-facing UVW triangles in texture baking mode.
* planar from object XYZ mapping mode did not work with Motion Blur enabled.
* the ward brdf in the vraymtl could cause red dots in the scene.
* missing UVW coordinates could cause splotches in the scene.
* the Vray HDRI map with angular mapping type could produce invalid colors.
* crashes with subdivisión/displacement when they were applied todo both moving and static objects in a scene with Motion Blur on.
* the texture channel for Anisotropy was not working.
* when switch todo saved map is on, Vray switched todo from file mode Even when GI is of.

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