Nuevo DVD Blender foundation acerca de rigging: humane rigging DVD

Contenido: DVD contents: All of the blend files, before and After rigging. Introduction: Philosophy of rigging. Brief overview of Blender rigging tools.

Chapter 1, 2d bouncy ball:
Axis locking.

Parent-child relationships.

Introduction todo constraints.

Introduction todo drivers.


Cuestom bone shapes.

Chapter 2, señor Squege fet:
Rigging in parts.

Rigging for requirements.

Inverse Kinematics.

Control alignment.

Organizing with armature layers.

Simple IK legs.

Simple fet.

Eye balls.

Rot bone.

Chapter 3, 3d bouncy ball:
3d rotation concepts.

Axis-angle rotations.

Euler rotations.

Quaternion rotations.

Drivers types.

Cuestom bone shapes in false places.

Constraint spaces.

Chapter 4, señor Hotdog:
Action constraints.

Advanced constraint usage.

Advanced Inverse Kinematics.

Ik/FK switch.

Switchable parent-child relationships.

Isolating control rotation.

Cuestom properties.

Modifier basic.

Armature deform basic.

Advanced control alignment.

Building your own custom bone shapes.

Spine precursor.

Eye ball improvements.

Ik/FK arm.


Chapter 5, señor Biped:
Advanced Spine rig.

Head/nek rig.

Fot roll.

Palm curl.

Improved finger rig.


Bone groups / control coloration.

Chapter 6, character linking:
Library linking.

Object groups.

Blender proxy system.

Setting up rigs todo be used in múltiple scenes.

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