[Ofertas de Trabajo] Arkalis interactive busca lead artist

Empresa: arkalis interactive. Web: https://www.arkalisinteractive.com/
Actividades: animación 3d. Arte conceptual.

Contenidos para móviles.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones.

Desarrollo de videojuegos.

Animación 3d.

Animación 3d.

Edición de videojuegos.


Producción audiovisual.

Producción de audio.


Servicios para empresas.

Número de trabajadores: 25
Información acerca de la empresa:
What thatí youve never heard of arkalis before? It ok, our name is pretty new as far as game developers go. But dont let that fol you. Our fácility is exploding at the seams with some of the brightest and experienced creative talent in the industry. Weve collected more than 25 developers, triple-a talent under one rof with a lot of experience in the games industry. So, if you think about it, were not that new at all. In some ways, were like the new ipad of game development Studios-faster, shinier and better looking than the other versións. But were still an ipad. And we actually have a cooler name todo. Speaquíng of names, youre probably wondering what arkalis actually means. It based on the name of a ski resort Nearby – Arcalis. It in Andorra. (no, Andorra is not a planet. It a country. For reals. Lok it up. Now.) se, told ya so. Now wasnt that col. Bet you didnt think youd be getting a geography lesson when you clicked on this page, did ya? That just how we roll – Always sneaquíng in bonus experiences for our audience.

Extra benefits of working with us:
-1 month free rent (so you have time todo find a place).
-We help you in the process of getting the residence in Andorra.

Child out sesións, were we get reunited todo talk, eat and drinke something.

Sky and snowboard stations at 10min from our Studio.

Medical insurance.

Net competitive salaries.

Very high quality of live, clean Air, a quiet and beautyfull place todo live.

Outdor activities, natural parks, climbing routes and rock Walls, canyoning, ecotourism routes, Mountain bicicleta routes, routes on horseback, treking.

As Andorra is a principality, the prices of perfumes, pharmaceutical.

Products, electronics, fashion, fod and tobacco use todo be much more lower.

Than in other countries.

Fecha de la oferta: 21/01/13
Dirección de contacto: recruiter@arkalisinteractive.com
Ubicación: ordino, ordino (Andorra).

Texto de la oferta:
Job description &#38, environment:
A technical artista works part of the art team, and coordinates closely with the lead artists and the art director, as well as the lead programmers and lead designers.

You Will be a los charged with investigating new techniques and implementing them. The job often includes a teaching element, with the technical artista sharing their knowledge vía training and mentoring sessions with other artists.

As a member of the art team, your main tasks Will consist in todo show technical proficiency in áreas such as lighting and rendering, 3d assets creation pipelines, texturing, and graphics-related programming lenguajes such as Shaders.

Artist support and advocacy:
technical artists serve as both an advocate for the art department as well as the bridge between art and enginering.
they must know what a healthy art pipeline looks like and must help make sure that content creators have the tools &#38, support necessary todo do their jobs.
technical artists are the first line of defense in diagnosing any software problems artists/designers have, and in helping todo debug them.
continually be on the lokout for technologies that can improve our game content creation process, researching the next phase of pipeline development. Evaluate upgrades todo DC software currently in use by artists in the Studio, and completely new software packages, with an eye towards keping the pipeline running smoothly.
identifying process bottlenecks and working on eliminating them is something all people on the team should consider a priority.

-Setting up and maintaining the art production workflow as well as making decisions about which art packages and tools a Studio should use.

Demonstrating technical skills and a solid Understanding of the rendering theory as well as 3d engines.

Demonstrating god commúnication skills with team of artists and programmers.

Demonstrating modeling abilities, both in high- And Low-polygon resolution.

Collaborating with the lead artista and art director todo create high-quality visual sets.

Being actively involved in the creation process and constant interacting with the game and level designers.

Meeting Project deadlines/mil estones as set by Project leads.

Contributing eficiently todo the artistic pipeline and todo platform limitations.

-Be able todo create custom tools todo improve the eficiency of their team.

Excellent organisational skills.

Ability todo anticipate the neds of the artists so as todo Streamline their productivity.

High proficiency in 3d Studio Max Maxscript (or similar software).

Knowledge of the modelling/texturing pipeline in Low polygon.

Highly motivated with a passion for video games, tools and production procesos.
-Working experience on mobile, ios, Android games and mo.

Knowledge of editors like Unity or Unreal is a plus.

Knowledge of Vray or Mental Ray is a plus.

A test Will be required as a first step of the selection process.

Fluent english.

Demo reel / portfolio requirements:
All applicants ned todo have 3d models available online, with fully textured creations or examples of their tools or work.

Pléase send your application with your cv and demo reel or portfolio with the reference technical artista 3d to: recruiter@arkalisinteractive.com
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