[Ofertas de Trabajo] Bee square busca senior game animator mobile

Empresa: be square s. L, web: https://besquare.net/
Actividades: desarrollo de videojuegos. Número de trabajadores: 31
Información acerca de la empresa:
We are located in sunny Barcelona. Our company started in june 2012 with a mission, todo create beautiful and meaningful games that would delight everyone. We have assembled a talented and international team from industry veterans todo create high quality games.

Fecha de la oferta: 14/01/16
Dirección de contacto: social@besquare.net
Ubicación: Barcelona, Barcelona (España)
Tipo de jornada: jornada completa.

Texto de la oferta:
Be square is expanding. We are building our art team and we are looking for a senior 2d animator. The ideal candidate Will have a strong Understanding of the animation process and pipeline of mobile game development and have previous experience working on and shipping mobile titles.

This is you:
Professional, passionate about games, problem solving, proactive, team worker, rigorous and detail oriented. You are smart, willing todo learn more, creative and practical at the same time.

This could be you from now on:
Working with an international and high profile team, flexible working-time, free commodities (cofe, tea, juices, fresh fruit, cakes) and sodexo meal card, play área (consoles, free coin-ops), working on col projects.

Required skills and experience:
-Skeleton animation experience.

Traditional animation skills.

Demonstrable high Understanding of timing and pace in character animation.

Demonstrate ability todo interpret design requests and translate them into working and exciting in-game animation.

Have a great Understanding of the aesthetics of animations, function vs, form relationships, as well as what makes gameplay fun and intriguing.

Ability todo interpret the creative directors visión.

Proficient Understanding of anatomy, and be able todo create balanced &#38, appealing characters.

Ayuda todo maintain the visión of the Project.

Have the ability todo teach and todo be taught.

Beneficial skills and experience:
-Knowledge of Spine.

Basic 3d knowledge.

All of our games Will be free todo play and available across various platforms and devices. We have assembled a talented team from industry veterans todo create high quality mobile titles in a friendly and profesional environment.

Are you ready todo join team bes? Apply today.

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