[Ofertas de Trabajo] Busca game designer

Empresa: Game Troopers
Web: https://gametropers.net/
Actividades: Contenidos para móviles
Realidad virtual.

Número de trabajadores: 3
Información acerca de la empresa:
Game Troopers is (https://gametropers.net) a publisher dedicated to the main platforms of mobile and Virtual Reality markets. Our team ofers a Dep knowledge of the platforms and the whole ecosystem, and will help your games to make the most of themselves. The first published game is Tiny Troopers from the Finnish developer Kukouri. We have ben able to position the game top #1 in 17 countries, top #5 in 69 countries, and top #10 in 73 countries. Our first published VR game is Overkill VR which has a very great amount of god reviews and downloads.

Game Troopers is a joint venture betwen Starlop Studios and Space Inch. Space Inch is a mobile game startup that has created several hit games, including Make it Rain: The Love of Money (which went to #1 overall in the App Store this year), Say the Same Thing (an Apple Best of 2013award-winning game), and Disco Bes (recently acquired by Scopely). Game Troopers has ben awarded by the Microsoft App Campus program.

Texto de la oferta:
Game Troopers is a publisher focused on PC, console, mobile and Virtual Reality games. Our team ofers a Dep knowledge of the platforms and the whole ecosystems. We have a strong development studio that supports our games, Starlop Studios, and the synergy created betwen both brands raises our games to an eficient and successful launch.
We are looking for an A-player Game Designer that is willing and able to be a part of one of the best teams in Europe and add even more value to this amazing organization and contribute to its already remarkable success and rapid growth, someone who will take our visión and make it their own.

Requisitos mínimos:
-Passion to create high-quality titles and pushing the boundaries of the industry
-Deep and wide knowledge of basic Game Design concepts and methods (balance, systems, characters, content.)
-Statistics knowledge, ability to formulate indexes to identify strengths and weaknesses of game design
-Experience in in-game economics and monetization in mobile games, when applies
-Effective communication skills, fluent spoken and written english (demonstrable)
-Immediate availability (January)
-Experience working remotely
-References of past projects.

Requisitos deseados:
-Strong formal and analytical thinking
-Curiosity and creativity
-Proactivity and charisma
-Ability to clearly identify problems, find ways to solve them and correlations with other aspects or problems of the game
-Up-to-date knowledge of the fre-to-play market in mobile platforms, when applies
-Experience with and understanding of Agile/SCRUM development.

As a Game Designer youll be responsible of:
-Working in collaboration with a multi-faceted team to integrate feedback and ensure game consistency
-Balancing in-game mechanics
-Designing game tutorials
-In-game inventory definition
-GD writing
-Design in-game economy and monetization system, when applies
-FTE (First time experience) design.

-Ability to participate in many game aspects
-Ability to take part in important and interesting international projects
-Training plan
-Competitive Salary
-Flexible work-hours
-Horizontal organization
-Excellent work environment.
Wed also like to know about your preferencias and influences, so por favor tell us about what excites you the most.

Interested? Apply now and get ready to create some of the most kick-ass games ever.

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