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Texto de la oferta:
The challenge ahead:

Help design EA games to be played by millions of people across the globe. Ensure that games have an xfactor uniqueness that compels people to play and be entertained.

Role Overview:

Game Designers are responsible for devising what a game consists of and how it plays, following the vision of the Creative/Game Director. They plan and define all the elements and components of a game, including its setting, structure, rules, story flow, characters, objects, vehicles, and devices available to the characters; interfaz design; and game modes.

Originality and creativity are valued, but a tho rouge knowledge of a games target audience and market is equally if not more important. Game Designers should also have a deep understanding of the capabilities and benefits of different hardware platforms (e.g, PC, console), as well as familiarity with software technologies and techniques appropriate to each platform.

It is the Game Designers responsibility to ensure that the whole team understands and shares the original concept and vision of the game as outlined by the Creative/Game Director. During development, the Game Designer makes adjustments to the original specification to respond to technical constraints and to incorporate new programming and art creation methods developed by the team. The Game Designer also trains testers to play the game, making sure that they understand what is expected of the finished product.

Requisitos mínimos:
What skills does EA look for?

There is no set route to becoming a Game Designer. However, this is not an entry level role. Game development is a highly complex, so the Game Designer must be able to work closely with teams of programmers, artists, project managers, writers, musicians, and many others. The Game Designer usually has a reasonably high level of industry experience and knowledge. EA usually expects to see a portfolio of work, which can take the form of completed game projects or written game design documents and proposals.

Game development is a collaborative process involving multi-disciplinary teams. Designers must be able to communicate their vision to artists, programmers, producers, marketing staff, and others involved in the development process, and accept feedback on their work.

When looking for Game Designers EA values a tho rouge understanding of gameplay theory. Excellent communication and presentation skills are a must, along with storytelling and narrative development skills. The ideal candidate possesses información design and user interfaz design skill. They must be able to work both as part of a team and independently. Last but not least, they must display systematic and strategic thinking as well as imagination and creativity.

As far as educational background, Game Designers can study a range of subjects, from the sciences and humanities to art and design. There are also a growing number of games-related degree programs and courses available for study, and a degree in this type of program would be a plus. Prospective Game Designers should check the content of courses, particularly the balance between programming, game art, and game design.

Requisitos deseados:
Skills and Experience

Tho rouge understanding of interfaz design ability and game design theories.

Superior communication skills with experience presenting visions both verbally and on paper.

Ability to prototype ideas quickly and effectively using platform of choice.
3-5 years minimum experience in a similar role
Results orientated with strong documentation skills
Systems Design background a desired plus
Work with multi-disciplined teams including Producers, Artists, Programmers, Marketing and other Leads to drive the teams understanding of the projects vision.

Develop and maintain level design documentation, including but not limited to mechanics, guidelines, and gameplay outlines.

Plan and define all the elements and components of a game, including its setting, structure, rules, story flow, characters, objects, and peripherals available to the characters; interfaz design; and game modes.

Develop Prototypes in any tool of preference in order to probé design concept to team and iterate.

Contribute by brigging new ideas to the table in regards to every facet of the game.

Coordinate with Leads to ensure that level design documentation and implementation are realistic and remain on schedule; participate in regular, hands-on interaction with Producer and Software Engineers to ensure that the concepts and content of assigned games meet design requirements.

Lead assigned development team to define the creative vision, technical specifications, fun factor and product content for assigned products.
Establish, maintain and enhance relationships with internal and external creative resources.

Establishes focus groups; trains testers to play the game, making sure that they understand what is expected of the finished product.

Whats in it for you? Glad you asked!

Since we realice it takes world-class people to make world-class games, we offer competitive compensation packages and a culture that thrives off of creativity and passion. You will also get a benefit package that includes medical and life insurance, pension plan, meal vouchers, stocks programs, fitness reimbursement, flex benefit program…and of course, free video games.

At EA, we live the work hard/play hard credo every day.

EA is an equal opportunity employer. All employment decisions are made without regard to race, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, religión, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, family status, or any other characteristic protected by law. EA also makes workplace accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities as required by applicable law nForo3d.com está hermanada con www.stratos-ad.com de ahí nace esta oferta de empleo.

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