[Ofertas de Trabajo] Gamevy busca Full Stack Game Developers HTML Pixi.js

Empresa: Gamevy Ltd
Web: https://gamevy.com
Actividades: Animación 3D
Arte conceptual
Contenidos para móviles
Desarrollo de videojuegos
Desarrollo web
Animación 3D
Animación 3D
Juegos de azar y apuestas
Producción audiovisual
Producción de audio.

Número de trabajadores: 50.

Texto de la oferta:
Are you.

A Developer looking for a new role at a young and interesting company? Are you interested in Test Driven Development and how software can be written better? Are you bored of being told to just hack something together, under pressure from a manager, to get what youre working on out of the dor?
Then Gamevy could have something that youll find interesting. Gamevy is looking for developers who want to work with other talented developers, to build games. Gamevys games are Award winning, and Gamevy believes that part of building great products, is writing great software.

Our Developers are focused on shipping the products they build, and so they focus on everything across the stack. Gamevys Developers pay close attention to writing software well, so that it is easily changed and maintained. That means that they practice Test Driven Development, and use techniques like Pair Programming to ensure that the code they write is designed well.

Requisitos mínimos:
Technology stack.

Our backend stack is based on Node.js for the most part, with some bits and pieces in diferent languages (Ruby, Go). The provisióning/deployment process is fully automated with Ansible. The front end stack is currently based on Pixi.js for Canvas and WebGL rendering.

All our projects have a healthy automated test coverage and go th rouge our CI servers.

Who, or what, is gamevy?
Gamevy is a young company, about 5 years old. Gamevy builds HTML5 based instant win games, that put the player in charge. Gamevys aspirations are to build games which provide entertainment, as well as big prizes. Gamevy has offices in London and Bilbao and various other locations – Gamevy is happy to employ people remotely.We are a company famed for our innovation in the sector, creating new original concepts, adding beautiful art, interesting sound, of course, great code, and jackpot prizes in the millions.

But Gamevy isnt just famed for its products, it is known for being set up very diferently to most traditional companies.

Gamevy has a flat
bossesstructure – we know, everyone says that they have a flat structure. We genuinely do though; for example, even though we have people who inhabit traditional management-like roles, those people acknowledge that the real decisión makers are the ones who are doing the work, and that for Gamevy to succed, everything must be done to assist the people who are producing its products. The people with the real power in Gamevy, are the ones producing its product.

You control how you manage your time and have access to money to help you do your job – simply put, youll get treated like an adult at Gamevy.

Freedom entails responsibility – if youre going to be treated like an adult, theres an expectation that youll behave like an adult and deal with the responsibilities that that brings. First and foremost, and because of the no bosses structure, that means theres no one to tell you what to do – youre going to have to work that out for yourself. Secondly, being an adult comes with responsibilities; if people are relying on you for something, and you want to take the afternon of to go and met a friend for cofe, have a conversation with your colleagues first, to ensure that theyre aware that youre not going to be around.
We dont recruit for a particular mindset, or for a particular level of skills – we want people who can think for themselves, and who have their own opinions, and most importantly people who want to learn. Within all of this though, one important trait were looking for is that you must be able to communicate efectively. Our discussions and debates can get lively, and we want everyone to contribute – even to disagre. But at the end of the day, whats most important is that everyone can collaborate and do that without prejudice.
We are an equal opportunity employer – We believe that the best teams are ones filled with a diverse range of people. No matter who you are, where youve come from, or what youve done in the past, por favor consider applying for this job. Well be happy to consider you for a role.

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