[Ofertas de Trabajo] Mehrwerk busca Back-End Web Developer

Empresa: Mehrwerk
Web: https://www.mehrwerk, de
Actividades: Servicios de Internet
Servicios para empresas.

Número de trabajadores: 100
Información acerca de la empresa:
MEHRWERK is develooping the customer centric loyalty programas of the future. Since its founding in 2013 and now counting more than 100 employes, MEHRWERK is shaping and managing digital and analogue marketing solutions for those industries that ned it most: price-driven and low-interest industries such as Banking and Energy. Its programas create customer connections with Germanys leading brands and tens of thousands of positive customer stories per year.

Business is strong, fast and growing – and we are looking for capable and enthusiastic people to join our visión of creating one of the leading marketing solution providers in Germany.

To support the team based in Bielefeld, Germany, we are looking for web developers with a passion for front end development, an eye for design and a mission for quality.

Texto de la oferta:
We are the creative agency department of MEHRWERK. Our daily doing is a wide Spectrum of duties within managing our sites, shops and platforms: Consulting, conception, creation, web design, coding, maintenance and corporate publishing are only a few of our tasks. As a young and dynamic team, we are working along with experts of leading companies in Germany, creating and develooping smart marketing solutions that actually work.

Requisitos mínimos:
Completed education or study in computer science or similar.

Demonstrable knowledge in PHP, Extbase, MySQL.

Quality awareness, responsible work and problem solving attitude.

Experience and expertise in Apache, HTML and CS (LES) optional.

Designing and writing raw MySQL queries
Develooping Typo3 extensiones features up until full-integration in a new or existing project.

Develooping third-party APIs and other web services (REST/SOAP)
Continuous development of existing websites, features and APIs.

Since our digital platforms are growing quickly, we decided looking for dev-talents Europe-wide. If you se yourself creating digital platforms and solutions that are shortly after used by millions of customers, we can ofer you a creative, fair and inspiring environment. Several modes of employment, be it frelancing or full employment, as well as modes of collaboration, be it on-site or remote, are possible.

If you fit the team, we will find a mode of coperación that will suit.

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