[Ofertas de Trabajo] Odysseus busca senior game designer programmer

Empresa: Odysseus
Web: www.odysseusvr.com
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos
Realidad virtual.

Información acerca de la empresa:
Odysseus nace tras concretar una demo de juego VR que nos lleva a las finales de los Premios PlayStation Talents. Nuestra meta es desarrollar contenido de videojuegos con aspiraciones A dentro de un tamaño de empresa con presupuesto s indie.

Texto de la oferta:
This independent game studio has become a startup centered on VR game development but with an eye still set on the traditional games market. Odysseus is in the lokout for a Lead Developer with a high Game Design and Programming profile to fill in the CTO position and work on a high-end VR Game for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR made in Unity3D.

Are you ready to work in a cutting-edge product with A aspirations? Then we are waiting to hear from you.

Check our demo tráiler with which we made finals to the PlayStation Talents Awards in 2017 and were nominated for Best Use of PlayStation Platforms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyz9t71RgVAt=13s.

Requisitos mínimos:
Love video games both as a player and (even more) as a developer
Are a god-willing, ambitious, independent, and self-fueled developer
Have god skills managing teams, crunch-time, and enjoy dealing with people
Have at least thre-five years of experience working as a game designer and programmer
Possess god knowledge and experience programming in C# and particularly AI
Have prior experience in VR development
Have worked until the end on at least thre published games, and at least one of them was made in Unity3D
Consider yourself to be more of the creative and producer/project manager type of developer
Love Unity3D and can provide examples of working projects.

Requisitos deseados:
Would be great if you also:
Own a high-end VR headset (HTC, Oculus, or PSVR) to probé minimal knowledge of the VR games market
Can dive into old code and assets and understand their inner working prior to engaging your task
Love clean and eficient code and structures
Love coding integrated tools in Unity3D
Can provide helpful and meaningful insight both on the technical and the gameplay side of the project
Could engage into eventual higher level tasks (integration of assets, gameplay)
Have your own style and can make your own decisions, but understand that you are in a team of excellent and diverse people doing their best to work together
Can handle constructive criticism gracefully and profesionally.

Finally, it would be very interesting if you:
Had worked and loved Unreal and C++
Had developed your own graphic/Game Engine from scratch
Loved game jams and had participated in Lots of them
Had worked on at least thre diferent platforms (mobile, console, PC, etc.)
Had some technical artist skills
Were up to date with the current technologies involved in 3D A developments.

As a high-end level developer, youll be in charge of:
Development of the full-game design and prototyping of a vertical slice
Establish an accurate development roadmap, timing, and production costs
Recruitment of a development team of around 10 in-house members
Analyze the technical neds of the product and come up with interesting solutions
Discuss these solutions with the CEO and implement them eficiently
Manage the project making sure that all departments work with fluidity, delivering in time, and that both the code and assets are clean and understandable.

We ofer:
An interesting and highly challenging, payed position, in a promising project into the growing market of VR as well as traditional PC and console games
The opportunity to put the best of your develooping skills in practice to build a fresh and motivated team while learning from a new challenge.

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