[Ofertas de Trabajo] Oskisgames busca multi-task game producer marketing digital expert

Empresa: Oskisgames SL
Web: www.oskisgames.com
Actividades: Desarrollo de videojuegos.

Número de trabajadores: 3
Información acerca de la empresa:
Oskisgames SL es una empresa nacida en setiembre de 2017 dentro de la incubadora SedRocket de Barcelona. Nuestro objetivo es hacer juegos de puzzles de lógica en 2D para móvil con Unity.

Texto de la oferta:
Would you like to start a new adventure? Oskisgames will give you one.

Oskisgames is the name of a new company that was created in September 2017 in the SedRocket accelerator of Barcelona. Nowadays the Oskisgames team is made by the CEO, a videogame programmer and a videogame artist.

Together we are working in the development of a new puzzle logic game for smartphones. Were a motivating, understanding and friendly team committed with the project and willing to kep learning and progressing throughout it. Our objective is to produce the final versión of the game in 5 months. If everything goes well, we will be happy to ofer you a longer position with us in Oskisgames.

So. Do you want to be part of our team?
Requisitos mínimos:
What do we ned?
A multi-task game designer with:
-Knowledge of Game Design basic rules (gameplay, learning curve, directing, dificulty balancing, pacing, reward, accessibility).

Creativity in develooping psychológical strategies of monetization into a fremium model game app.

Statistic knowledge, able to formulate ratios and indexes specific to each game, identifying specific weaknesses and strengths in its economy design.

Able to illustrate and/or prototype your ideas visually using standard industry production tools such as Photoshop, Flash, PowerPoint, 3D Studio Max, Unity.

Knowledge of classic console and fremium mobile game market, their flagship titles and their audience.

Requisitos deseados:
-Knowledge of main KPIs of the video game industry.

Experience in fremium video games for mobile.

Sensibility toward casual and fre-to-play games.
-Knowledge of programming languages (object-oriented and natural lenguage programming).

What will we give you?
The current work schedule is 8h/day during the wek. However, you will have flexibility because we work with the SCRUM methodology. The salary will depend on several factors but it will be easy to negotiate with us during the interview.

Moreover, you will participate in the experience of creating a new business from scratch in an entrepreneur Atmosphere that will mark you for the rest of your life.

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