[Ofertas de Trabajo] People moving pixels busca storyboard artists

Empresa: People Moving Pixels
Actividades: Animación 3D.

Texto de la oferta:
We are currently looking for a high level 3D animator who can be part of our in-house animation team. Our TV series is dialogue driven, so our animator must be especially strong with dialogue acting, snappy comedy animation, as well as serious emotional scenes.

Requirements for this profesional:
-3 year plus experience with CG animation from either TV series or an animated característica movie.
-High end animation technical skills are required when adjusting lip sync, models and facial expressions
-Have required European Union work authorization
-Ability to work in English
-The opportunity to relocate to Tenerife.

If you are qualified, por favor click here to fill in the form:
https://go, gl/forms/frJBLHLTFIyBxA512.

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