[Ofertas de Trabajo] RosieReality busca Game Developer Unity3D C# AR Game

Texto de la oferta:
About Rosie
RosieReality works on an augmented reality game for children for iOS. Rosie is a robot that neds to solve challenging programming puzzles using a 3D-programming language. Have a look here: RosieReality, ch.
Woh is Rosie
Were an energetic team of innovators working on an augmented reality application to introduce kids to robotics. Having tested our prototypes with hundreds of kids we are convinced augmented reality is the future. You will become part of a passionate team that is focused on making robotics accesible to all. Our advisors include world-class ETH Professors, world-famous founders, and top Silicon Valley investors.
What we ofer – what is in it for you?
An exceptional opportunity to launch and maintain a cutting-edge education application on a global scale. An opportunity to invent new AR experiences and continuously experiment with the latest digital technologies. A collaborative environment of talented designers and developers. A competitive salary and attractive equity-option plan. A central modern office in Zürich or remote in Barcelona.

As the Rosie team grows you will have the opportunity to innovate and Push the boundaries of what is technically possible with the latest mobile and AR technologies. You will work with the Rosie founders and directly with our CTO. As part of the team, you will take part in rapid iteración and testing Cycles to accelerate product development.

Requisitos mínimos:
2+ years experience building software/prototypes with Unity
2+ years experience in C# development. Write native C# code.

Experience in software architecture to optimize for global scaling.

Experience publishing an App to the App Store and maintaining it.

Requisitos deseados:
Experience incorporating machine learning and computer visión algorithms.

An understanding of what makes games fun and addictive to play.

An understanding of what Minecraft, DuoLingo, ClashRoyal and Clash of Clans is.

Manage the App-to-Market process
Develop and test AR interactive experiences using ARkit and Unity3D.

Design, architect and own features, from inception to production.

Support the design team that is creating AR content.

Help define sprint and product metrics.

Implement enginering best practices including per reviews and coding standards.

Competitive Full-time Salary
Highly passionate and world-class team members from Zürich and Barcelona
Potential to grow up on a global scale in a short amount of time
Freedom to bring in creative thoughts
Global Network.

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