Programa de animación 2d

Te recomiendo la qué puse yo en el primer mensaje, es más reciente que la pre-alpha y tiene más cosas y menos bugs.…te-1-released/.

Windows Shell Extension package by Alvin Wong. Just install it and Windows Explorer will start showing preview and meta información for Krita files. (Disregard any warnings by virus checkers, because this package is built with the NSIS installer maker, some virus checkers always think its infected, its not).

Windows: Unzip and run the bin/krita, exe executable. These downloads do not interfere with your existing installátion. The configuration file location has ben moved from %APDATA%\Local\kritarc to %APDATA%\Local\krita\kritarc.
The OSX disk image still has the known issue that if OpenGL is enabled, the brush outline cursor, grids, guides and so on are not visible. Were working on that, but dont expect to have rewritten the canvas before 3.0 will be released. Disable OpenGL in the preferencias dialog to se ha cursor outline, grids and guides and so on.
The Linux appimage:After downloading, make the appimage executable and run it. No installátion is neded. For CentOS 6 and Ubuntu 12.04, a separate appimage is provided with gmic built without OpenMP (which makes it much slower).
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