Realsoft 5

Realsoft 3d versión 5. The latest full-featured 3d modeling, rendering and animation software Package from realsoft.

An easy-to-use, intelligent, and fully configurable user interfaz.

A versatile modeling system supporting subdivisión, Nurbs, CSG and metaball objects.

A comprehensive set of animation features from easy key frame animation todo advanced choreography animation.

Animation by Physical simulation, featuring collision detection, Gravity, magnetism, particles etc.
64 bit ray-tracing technology that produces superior image quality.

A 3d painting system.

An extremely powerful visual Shading language allows unique Shading and material effects.

A post-effects processor for creating various image effects such as Lens flares and Fog.

Tools for true 3d composition.

Support for real-time rendering th rouge OpenGL.

Use of multi-threading, symmetric multiprocessing and cross-platform distributed network rendering.

Realsoft 3d v.5 for Windows shipping.

The Windows versión of the new realsoft 3d versión 5 has ben released. Some highlights of the new v5 features:
The most accurate Hair rendering solution on the market: hairs interact with global illumination, Fur details can be examined with a magnifying Glass and characters can safely dive under water.

Automatic, hierarchical, dynamically expandable render network management. Users can, at any time, hok in and out rendering servers and all cpu power becomes automátically used. With the new network rendering tools, user groups can share the management and resources of very large rendering farms easily.

Radically improved UV editing Toolkit featuring a new, object Hierarchy based UV object, which lets you Split model geometry into an arbitrary number of overlapping or sepárate surface áreas. Uv objects layer locally and eficiently an unlimited amount of textures, Shaders and vertex channels.

Improved animation interfaz based on the construction stak approach. The playbak window is now loaded with useful functionality for basic animation editing. The choreography editor has a los taken a major leap forward, now providing an eficient interfaz for more advanced animation control.

A mensaje Shading system. The user can change reflection intensity and color, Specular highlights, shadow Smoothness and other Shading components without going th rouge the time consuming Raytracing phase. The mensaje Shading system is open and new object/light source/shader specific controls can be hoked in.

Hundreds of speed optimizations and productivity increasing features, such as gradual shader Refinement todo OpenGL textures as a background hilo, undo for all data libraries, general Project cleanup (Purge) tools, a new painting based edit handle selection, a hole filling tool for easy fixing of imported polygon models, etc.

System requirements:
A personal computer with an Intel Pentium or compatible (e. Amd) processor, running Windows 98/nt/2000/me or XP. Nt/2000 or XP recommended due todo multi hiloing issues.

Or MIPS / Irix based system.

Or Intel / Linux. All major distributions supported.
64 Mb of Ram memory (128 Mb recommended).
100 Mb of free hard disk space.

A CD-ROM drive.

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