Silo 1 4 beta disponible

-selection highlighting – You can enable or disable this from the general options window. It doesnt apply in object selection mode, but it does apply in all other component selection modes. You can use most tools and commands with a highlighted element the same bien you can with a selected element, for added speed. Set the color in the color preferencias dialog.

Snapping manipulator – Currently youll have todo go into your keyboard shortcuts dialog and assing this todo a hotkey (i use t). It called Snap manipulator tool or something like that. Use this manipulator todo Snap and align components and shapes, and todo constraint things over the surface of other things.

Set object axis command todo set the current object axis todo wherever the manipulator is at. You can use this todo select a face, set the objects axis at that face, then go into object mode and use the Snap manipulator todo Snap that object onto another object vía that face.

Enhanced display. You can adjust the Edge alpha blending value in the display options dialog todo make your Edges blend oh-so-nicely into the shapes they belong todo.

Streamlined Split loop command (reproduzcas Split face loop). Try it with diferent selections, such as a single hihglighted edge, or an Edge ring, or a face loop, or an Edge loop. Fun.

Enhanced Split tool – Now works in conjunction with selection highlighting, and allows you todo click from vertex todo vertex or Edge todo Edge without having todo drag. Alos Snaps todo Edge centers.

Increased speed when moving subdivided shapes – Try subdividing something a couple of times and tweak around Faces and Edges and vértices – Compare with 1.3 todo se the vast improvements.

Multi-selection mode. Youll have todo assing this from the keyboard shortcuts menú (multi select mode or soemthing similar). This allows you todo select vértices, Edges, or Faces, depending on what youre hovering over. Once you select a vertex for example, it takes you into vertex mode until you deselect everything.

Assignable double-clik – Go into the mouse preferencias dialog todo assing your double-clik todo anything you like.

Improved topology brush with auto merge tolerance detection. Well probably put bak in the option todo set your own merge tolerance or todo use the auto method, but in our tests so far the auto tolerance detection has worked very very well, try it, youll like it.

That the major Stuff. There were plenty of bug fixes (and bug introductions – Dont Even try using the manipulators todo edit textures right now). Enjoy, and let us know if you think it going in the right direction. Enjoy your Silo 1.4, and welcome todo the beta.

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