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/*. Randomly rotates the selected objects based on the user defined ranges.

Rollout randomrotate randomrotate width:161 height:120.

Group ranges.

Label x_axis x width:17 height:20 pos:[14,24].

Spinner x_low width:60 height:17 pos:[30,23] range:[-10000,10000,0] scale:1.

Spinner x_high width:60 height:17 pos:[92,23] range:[-10000,10000,360] scale:1.

Label y_axis y width:17 height:20 pos:[14,45].

Spinner y_low width:60 height:17 pos:[30,44] range:[-10000,10000,0] scale:1.

Spinner y_high width:60 height:17 pos:[92,44] range:[-10000,10000,360] scale:1.

Label z_axis z width:17 height:20 pos:[14,65].

Spinner z_low width:60 height:17 pos:[30,64] range:[-10000,10000,0] scale:1.

Spinner z_high width:60 height:17 pos:[92,64] range:[-10000,10000,360] scale:1).

Button rotate_btn rotate width:153 height:23 pos:[4,92].

On rotate_btn pressed do.

Undo on.

For fo in $ do.

Rx = random x_low.value x_high, value.

Ry = random y_low.value y_high, value.

Rz = random z_low.value z_high, value.

In cordsys local rotate fo (angleaxis rx [1,0,0]).

In cordsys local rotate fo (angleaxis ry [0,1,0]).

In cordsys local rotate fo (angleaxis rz [0,0,1])).

Createdialog randomrotate style:#(#style_border, #style_tolwindow, #style_sysmenu)).

You can actually modify the script yourself todo rotate in any coordinate system you want. If you compare the first script i uploaded you Will notice that the only diference between the two is the in cordsys local before the rotate commands. So you could change it todo parent, local, world, screen or Whatever if you neded that. Maybe i should add a radio button with these options todo the script.
credits | Harvey.