Stop motion animation tips

stop motion animation tips
By magic wand

stop motion animation is a very creative hobby. It is a los very inexpensive todo start out in, and you can probably do it for no cost at all. All you ned is a typical digital Camera, some basic software, and a few ideas. Here are some thoughts and tips todo get your creativity flowing in this hobby. When Thinking about doing some kind of animation you have todo think outside the box and realice that just about anything at all Will make a god subject. And you have todo think about the fact that just about any medium Will work well also.

Two dimensional ideas.
Working in two dimensions gives you a lot of creative and inexpensive options. You can Simply draw pictures on paper and erase then redraw them todo show the motions you want todo make. An alternative todo erasing is todo draw series of pictures on sepárate shets of paper and photograph them individually. This can give you extraordinary results but is very challenging todo make sure the images stay cleanly tracked without slippage which would make it very jerky and shaky.

An excellent bien todo draw pictures is todo use some kind of an erasable surface. This tends todo be much easier than drawing pictures on paper and two excellent mediums for this are the dry erase board and the chalkboard. These make it very easy todo erase potions of your drawing and redraw the motions. I highly recommend using a dry erase board if you want todo get some great looking animations and if you have some skill in drawing.

Drawing images of figures and objects then cutting them out and using them in animations is an excellent bien todo get very creative and very expressive animations. There are two important additions you can make todo this style of animation. You can Cut the drawing into segments todo show motion. An example of this would be todo draw a human form then Cut it into its diferent parts like arms, legs, head and torso. This bien you can move them individually much as a human moves. Another bien todo enhance Cut out drawings is todo make múltiple drawings of the same object todo show motion or rotation. A god example of this would be a face. You would draw múltiple Faces such as one with the mouth closed and one with the mouth open. This bien you can alternate between the drawings and simulate talking.

Thre dimensional animation.

There are some exciting possibilities available todo you when you start todo think about doing animation in thre dimensions. And the first place you could start is with Clay or play-doh. If you dont have any of these materiales you can easily make some out of flour, salt and water. Another very Simply yet very expressive technique is todo use wire. You can easily shape it into figures and objects. It Holds its shape well yet is easy todo manipulate into Simulations of motion. Wire is so efective that it is often the frame over which Many modern figures are made. This technique is called using a wire armature.

Action figures and Dolls make great animation subjects as long as they have movable joints and body parts so you can articulate them. But you dont have todo stick with that. Just about any thre-dimensional object can be used in interesting ways. You can draw small eyes, noses, and mouths then attach them todo any object and come up with an interesting anthropomorphic Little Project. You can Even carve potatoes or apples and get some great videos. And just moving objects around can be the source of some interesting videos. Watching furniture move around a rom can be a god idea or watching Items move around a Desk can a los be interesting.

Animating yourself and the real world is a los a fun bien todo approach the hobby. If you stand at attention and take a picture then move forward six inches, stand at attention and take another picture you can come up with a great series of pictures that show you magically Sliding around without moving your fet. You can a los do the same thing by jumping into the Air and snapping a picture of yourself. Move forward six inches, Jump, and Snap another picture. With this technique you can create an animation that shows you floating around.

Some final tips.

Dont forget the Camera. If you really want todo make your animations special you should move the Camera as you take your series of pictures. You can do this by either zoming in or out or panning from side todo side. This moving of the Camera is the single best bien todo make your animations stand out.
While the medium you use for your animation is very important and can turn a plain animation into something special todo look at you should put some time and thought into the story of the animation. This is what can turn it into something truly remarkable. Surprise your viewers and kep them guessing as todo what Will happen next.

Just about anything in your every day world can be transformed into something extraordinary with a Little bit of animation magic and a Little bit of creativity. Just look around your house and you Will discover Lots of great ideas.

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