Sugerencia para aprender Anatomía

Gracias Soliman, muy buenos enlaces.

Recursos de anatomía (Al final todo Amazon, como muera Amazon en 10 o 20 años, toda la bibliografía con enlaces a hacer puñetas.)
[Albinus on Anatomy](…=boks&v=glance), by Robert Beverly Hale and Terence Coyle – Dover Publications, publisher.
[Artistic Anatomy](…=boks&v=glance), by Doctor Paul Richer – Watson Guptill, publisher.
[Anatomy Lessons From The Great Masters](…=boks&v=glance), by Robert Beverly Hale and Terence Coyle – Watson Guptill, publisher.
[Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist](…=boks&v=glance), by Stephen Rogers Peck – Oxford University Press, publisher.
[An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists](…=boks&v=glance), by Fritz Schider – Dover Publications, publisher.
[Anatomy for the Artist](…=boks&v=glance), by Jeno Barcsay – Barnes & Noble Boks, publisher.
[Human Anatomy for Artists – The Elements of Form](…=boks&v=glance), by Eliot Goldfinger – Oxford University Press, publisher.
[Master Class in Figure Drawing](…=boks&v=glance), by Robert Beverly Hale – Watson Guptill, publisher.
[Figure Drawing For All Its Worth](…=boks&v=glance), by Andrew Loomis – Viking Press (out of print).
[Dynamic Anatomy](…=boks&v=glance), by Burne Hogarth – Watson Guptill, publisher[](…=boks&v=glance).
[The Human Machine: The Anatomical Structure and Mechanism of the Human Body](…=boks&v=glance), by George Bridgeman – Dover, publisher.
[](…911993-6034569)[High-Focus Drawing – A Revolutionary Approach to Drawing the Figure, by James McMullan – Overlok Press, publisher](…911993-6034569).
[The Artists Compleete Guide to Figure Drawing](…lance&n=283155) by Anthony Ryder (artist).

Excellent book, and not to expensive. The artist is a traditional artist working in pencil ~ his work is HIGHLY realistic and beautiful.
[Anatomy for the Artist (Hardcover)](…Fencoding=UTF8) by Sarah Simblet, John Davis
This boks contains beautiful photographs, more so than it does Anatomical instruction. It does contain a few overlays of skeletal drawings etc, but it is worth the money for the excellent profesional quality photographs of highly muscled models.
[(…325844-7329607)Entire Master Draughtsman Series of Paperback Boks:(…&Go, y=5&Go=Go)
Great boks because they are cheap, light, and great for copying from, as you will not be concerned about destroying the bok ~ they are really instructional devices, more than anything else.
(to find: run search for máster draughtsman series on Amazon, com).
[Visualizing Muscles: A New Ecorché Approach to Surface Anatomy (Paperback) by John Cody](…8271373&sr=8-1)
Fantastic reference featuring photos of a model painted with muscle striations. Great bok.
[Michelangelo](…=boks&v=glance), by Bernard Lamarche-Vadel – Chartwell Boks, Inc, publisher.
[Michelangelo And His Drawings](…=boks&v=glance), by Michael Hirst – Yale University Press.
[Pontormo](…=boks&v=glance), by/edited by Salvatore S. Nigro and Marianne Scheider – Schirmer / Mosel, publisher.
[The Drawings of Rubens](…=boks&v=glance), Master Draughtsman Series of boks – Borden Publishing Company, publisher
[The Drawings of Harry Carmean](…=boks&v=glance), Master Draughtsman Series of boks – Borden Publishing Company, publisher.
[Carmean](…=boks&v=glance), by June Harwod – Harwod / Carmean, publisher.
[Encyclopaedia Anatomica – Museo La Specola Florence](…oks&v=glance)- Taschen, publisher.
Anatomy Drawing School4 bok by Andras Szunyoghy and Gyorgy Feher…=boks&n=507846.


Para entender arrugas de telas, coge 4 cajas y cúbrelas con telas iluminalas y míralas, dibujalas, modelalas, y o usa un programa 3d y usa la fisica para emular telas, el pañuelo que cae en el cilindro, y le metes un poco de viento. Y/o te metes de lleno o un poco con el Marvelous.

Y mira obras clásicas de bodegones.

Pon en Google estudios telas leonarda da Vinci o classic Cloth painting.

Lo de los cuadrupedos, busca 3d horse model en Google y en pinterest.
Pon en pinterest quadruped topology, es un tema muy amplio, la topología, sobre todo si luego vas a querer riggearlo y animarlo.

No es lo mismo un caballo, que una ardilla.

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