Sugerencias con Brazil

Whats not in this build. This build is based upon the current versión of Brazil r/s, but is selectively feature-limited so as todo make it primarily usable for educational and testing purposes. Rio is not designed or intended for use in profesional or production environments and Will not work well in a mixed Brazil r/s and Brazil Rio environment. A list of disabled features and limitations would include:
No support for network rendering.

Image size has ben limited todo 512×384 máximum.

File saving/loading limitations:
Scene files can be created/saved/loaded frely between Rio versións.

Scene files saved in Brazil Rio Will be loadable/savable in Brazil r/s.

Scene files saved in Brazil r/s Will be loadable, read-only, in Brazil Rio (meaning you Will not be able todo re-save the loaded file).

This versión is much faster and more complete than previous public test builds and contains the same features that were used todo generate all the images in the gallery at Splutterfishcom.
Whats the diferenece between Rio and a full evalúation of Brazil r/s.

The evalúation is typically a 30 day, full-featured, timelocked versión of Brazil r/s and it includes Access todo all our normal support services, network rendering, floating licensing, full documentation and examples, etc. Evaluation licenses are handled on a case by case basis.

For further información on evalúating or purchasing the full versión of Brazil r/s, pleast contact one or our our resellers or


Those that have used previous Brazil r/s test versións should be able todo pik up the basic of Rio Fairly quickly. Splutterfish doesnt oficially provide any support for Rio, but we have a community forum that is probably be the best spot todo get god answers. A subset of the Brazil r/s documentation and example files Will be available for Rio users on the Splutterfish website.