The Gimp 2 4 3 bugfixing

This is the stable branch of Gimp. No new features are being added. Here, just bug-fixes.

Changes in Gimp 2.4.3.
-Avoid filename encoding problems in the wmf import plug-in (bug #499329).

Fixed horizontal flipping of linked layers (bug #499161).

Raised the priority of the display idle renderer todo improve performance.

On Windows 32 (bug #499150).

Fixed a missing update in the lighting plug-in UI (bug #500317).

Fixed a potential crash in the projection code (bug #50017.

Fixed a minor makefile issue (bug #500826).

Removed some pointless warnings from the jpeg and tif load plugins.

Fixed size calculation for the image size warning dialog (bug #32946.

Fixed loading of tool options for the rectangle tools (bug #49894.

Push/pop a context in the Fog filter.

Fixed potential crashes in the Python Binding.

Corrected grid drawing with non-integer spacing (bug #502374).

Fixed Grid Snapping for coordinates less than the grid offset.

Made the healing brush work properly when dragged (bug #492575).

Update tool state when a device change happens (bug #493176).

Improved validation of string sent over the wire (bug #498207).

Fixed integer chek in script-fu (bug #498207).

Fixed potential out-of-memory problem in script-fu.

Fixed compilation on msys/mingw (bug #503124).

Fixed localisation of Python plugins on Windows 32 (bug #502506).

Translation updates (ca, CS, de, gl, it, ko, Lt, sv, UK).

Jesper de jong, Bill skaggs, Michael natterer, sven neumann.

Martin nordholts, Kevin cozens, tor lillqvist.

Changes in Gimp 2.4.2.
-Removed broken and useless Hsv Graph script (bug #491311).

Update the hiestogram when a Color Correction tool is cancelled (bug #493639).

Fixed a crash with certain plug-in or script descriptions (bug #49271.

Corrected a truco (bug #495564).

Fixed a crash when Gimp is run without any modules (bug #495863).

Fixed error handling in the tif plug-in.

Fixed a problem with sample points.

Fixed a crash when merging layers in indexed image (bug #495990).

Update the hiestogram when painting (bug #494049).

Fixed another problem with merge operations on indexed images (bug #496437).

Fixed crash in tif plug-in when saving indexed images (bug #497103).

Changed defaults so that a system monitor profile is only used when the.

User explicitely enabled this característica (bug #496890).

Fixed endless loop when running equalize on transparent áreas (bug #497291).

Fixed heap corruption in gimpcolorscale widget that caused a crash in the.

Compose plug-in (bug #399484).

Fixed use of background color in particle trace script (bug #498282).

Set the image menú insensitive when there no image opened (bug #498511).

Translation updates (ca, et, it, Lt, PT, pt_br, señor sv).

Kevin cozens, tor lillqvist, Michael natterer, sven neumann.

Changes in Gimp 2.4.1.
-Fixed a minor display rendering problem.

Improved the work-around for broken graphics card drivers (bug #421466).

Fixed a crash with broken scripts and plugins (bug #490055).

Fixed potential syntax error in configure script (bug #49006.

Fixed parsing of floating point numbers in script-fu (bug #49019.

Fixed potential crash when converting an indexed image todo RGB (bug #49004.

Update the hiestogram while doing color corrections (bug #490182).

Fixed another crash with broken plugins (bug #490617).

Fixed problems on Windows 32 when Gimp is installed into a non-ascii Path.

Fixed handling of truncated ASCII pnm files (bug #490827).

Make sure that there always a cursor, Even for small brushes (bug #491272).

Fixed line-drawing with a tablet and the shift key (bug #164240).

Added code todo use the system monitor profile on OS X (bug #488170).

Show changes todo the rounded corners in the rectangle select tool (bug #418284).

Reduced rounding errors in the display render routines (bug #490785).

Translation updates (ca, de, et, Lt, mk, pa, sv).

Hans Breuer, Simon budig, Kevin cozens, tor lillqvist.

Michael natterer, sven neumann, Martín nordholts, manish singh.

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