The Gimp: updates

Hace dos días salió la primera versión de la rama 2.3 de Gimp. Destaca: Changes in Gimp 2.3.
-Added recompose plug-in.

Added rectangle tool in gfig plug-in.

Improved palette editor color donde.

Improved exif handling in jpeg plug-in.

Smoother autoscrolling in image display.

Added Snap todo canvas border and Snap todo Path (yet unimplemented).

Added previews todo Mosaic, pixelize and sparkle plugins.

Added Lanzcos interpolation method.

Added open as image menú entries todo brushes and patterns dialogs.

Improved drag-n-drop of drawables within Gimp.

Added a Prototype of a new rectangular select tool.

Moved a bunch of enums from Core into libgimpbase.

Moved gimpconfig functionality from Core into libgimpconfig.

Moved gimpenumstore and gimpenumcombobox todo libgimpwidgets.

Moved convenience constructors for property views todo libgimpwidgets.

Ported imagemap plug-in todo action based menús.

First steps towards color management.

Use goptioncontext for command-line parsing.

Added a Gnome-vfs backend for the uri plug-in (former url plug-in).

Prepared code for accessing remote files in the file-choser.

Let all dialogs obey the GTK-alternative-button-order setting.

Extended gimpprogress pdb Api.

Improved file type handling in file save dialog.

Resurrected hiloed píxel processor and enable it by default.

Parallelized a few more internal functions.

Speed up gradiente Dithering.

Improved psd save plug-in.

Improved Python bindings.

Allow todo resize layers with the image.

Allow todo control letter spacing in the text tool.

Added Path-on-Path functionality, use it todo implement text on Path.

Improved gradiente editor.

Allow todo import paths from a string.

Ported all code todo gstdio wrappers.

Added infrastructure for color sample points.

Added first draft of a metadata editor plug-in.

Speed up Burn compositing function.

Added altivec versións of some compositing functions.

Added pdb Api todo control the number of columns in a palette.

Allow todo control hue overlap in hue-saturation tool.

Added a pdb Api todo register menú branches.

Added missing mnemonics.

Improved screenshot plug-in.

Allow todo drag brushes/patterns/gradients, todo the selectors in script-fu.

Allow todo save images by dragging them todo a filemanager that supports the.

Xds protocol.

Optimizations in the color deficiency display filter.

Transfer the clipboard content todo a clipboard manager on exit.

Moved cursor información out of the info window into a dockable.

Moved remaining bits of the info window todo a new image properties dialog.

Build and install Gimp-console by default.

Allow todo drag and drop image data into Gimp.

Use the statusbar more todo display hints and información about the tool state.

Resurrected -no-data functionality.

Zoom todo the cursor position instead of the display center.

Some improvements todo the helpbrowser plug-in.

Load Photoshop brushes in the.abr format.

Allow todo choose between diferent algorithms for desaturate.

Added thumbnail loader todo winicon plug-in.

Improved configuration of input controllers.

Added an option todo make the Dok Windows transient todo the active image display.

Lots of code cleanup and bug-fixes.

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