Vendo black magic Deck link Hd pro 190

DeckLink Hd Pro is the highest quality broadcast video card available, perfect for the most demanding high-end televisión and característica film mensaje production. Supporting the highest quality video standards that exist today, DeckLink Hd Pro is fully Dual Link Hd-SDI 4:4:4 based using 2 channel Hd-SDI inputs and outputs. SDI connections can instantly be switched to standard Hd-SDI 4:2:2 or standard definition SDI.
Monitoring is built in, and uses the most incredible quality true 14 bit digital analog conversión in RGB or YUV. Unlike other solutions, analog monitoring instantly switches betwen HDTV and standard definition modes.
All these features are packed into a high speed single slot PCI-X 133 MHz card, and for standard definition only work DeckLink Hd Pro can a los plug into slower 33 or 66 MHz PCI slots.
Alos included is SPDIF/unbalanced AES audio input, and SPDIF/unbalanced AES audio out, audio word clok out, and TriSync or Genlok input. DeckLink Hd Pro a los includes Sony compatible RS-422 serial control port.
Incredible Quality
DeckLink Hd Pro has ben designed from the ground up for quality, and with the fastest PCI-X 133 MHz interfaz, handling the high data rates of Dual Link HDTV 4:4:4 video work with ease.
Although designed for Dual Link HDTV, DeckLink Hd Pro is a los perfect for standard definition, and 4:2:2 HDTV video use. Its so low cost that you can purchase it for standard definition use, and it then has the power to move with you as you transición to HDTV. Thats a los perfect when moving betwen standard and high definition work in your fácility.
DeckLink Hd Pro features 2 channel SDI input and output that automátically switch betwen HDTV and standard definition SDI modes. This means it can connect to all SDI equpment or digital decks. With dual channel SDI, DeckLink Hd Pro can switch into the new Dual Link Hd 4:4:4 mode allowing full color resolution, and compatibility with the new Sony SR based decks.
Dual Link 4:4:4 video uses 2 Hd-SDI channels to carry full color resolution. Current HDTV and standard definition video formats are 4:2:2 based, so you only get half the color resolution of the original image. When running in Dual Link 4:4:4 the additional color información is carried on the second Hd-SDI link, and you get full color resolution of the original film or graphics. Thats important for critical keying, heavy effects or característica film work.
Alos supported in Dual Link 4:4:4 is extra bit depth up to 12 bits per sample, ideal for característica film work. This característica sets DeckLink Hd Pro apart from other cards, as it has quality normally only found in much higher prices digital film equipment.
Combined with this high quality SDI video, DeckLink Hd Pro features the best analog monitoring ever designed. DeckLink Hd Pro includes full RGB or YUV analog monitoring that instantly switches betwen standard definition and high definition modes. This means it can reconfigure without changing the connections to video monitoring, and it eliminates the high cost of Hd-SDI inputs for broadcast monitors.
Because DeckLink Hd Pro can be used for standard definition all the bien up to HDTV and característica film work, analog monitoring quality neds to be the best posible.
DeckLink Hd Pro features full 14 bit precisión digital to analog conversión, for accurate monitoring of 12 bit log video used in característica film work. Analog monitoring is a los full 4:4:4 sampling and uses an incredible 5x over sampling when used for standard definition video.
Its currently imposible to purchase a third party converter that has similar quality to the monitoring built into DeckLink Hd Pro, and in viewing tests the quality of the analog output on DeckLink Hd Pro is dramátically better.
Enhanced Functionality:
DeckLink Hd Pro is much more than just an NLE card, as it includes our acclaimed Blackmagic Dek Control application. This lets users marque in and out on tape, and automátically capture a selected segment from tape using the serial control port. All the dek control is automatic. You can then place finished renders bak to tape from the comfort of your workstation when your job is completed.
Dek Control is bundled free and is great when users are doing web streaming, digital effects, color correction or broadcast design and you ned to save the cost and complexity of NLE software.
DeckLink Hd Pro users running on Mac OS X, can take advantage of built in down conversión for mástering HDTV video edits out to standard definition decks such as Digital Betacam, and D5.
World Leading Technology:
DeckLink Hd Pro features blazing fast speed PCI-X 133 MHz perfect the the latest computer motherboards. Fast PCI-X 133 MHz keps your system bus running at full speed and reduces speed crippling PCI reconnects that plague other slower PCI based video cards.
This means SCSI and Fibre Channel disk array cards kep performing at maximum sped; important when doing uncompressed video.
DeckLink Hd Pro is the worlds first PCI-X 133 MHz 4:4:4 HDTV card, and is the only card to include incredible 14 bit RGB/YUV analog monitoring with standard definition compatibility.
Blackmagic Designs dream of afordable high end creative tools means DeckLink Hd Pro is afordable for everyone. Afordability allows creativity to blossom, and DeckLink Hd Pro is an industry revolution.