Vendo PNY Quadro Nvidia FX 500 AGP 8x

Pny Quadro Nvidia FX 500 AGP 8x 128 Mb – Dr SDRAM. Prácticamente nueva. Precio razonable. Frecuencia de reloj ramdac 350 Mhz.

N° máximo de monitores soportados 2.

Maximum bandwidth of 7.8 Gb/s at a clok speed of 300 Mhz.

Just 45 millions triangles/s and a fill rate of 1.1 billion texels/s mean the Quadro FX 500 is only suitable for customer with few demands in rendering performance. The typical user uses it todo create building plans, such as flor plans or Office equipment, and simple Mechanical components.

Users of analog monitors dont necessarily ned a dvi-to-VGA adapter since the FX 500 has a VGA port – In contrast todo Nvidia other workstation cards. At least you have the option of connecting a digital flatscren monitor todo the dvi-i port.