Ventriloquist para español

Hola, yo pensaba que lo había hecho a mano. Qué tal es ese programa? Saludos.

i started production on Alien Song by creating a dozen or so mouth shapes for Blit so that he could enunciate the words. I located a copy of the song on a disco compilation CD and digitized it. A musician friend of mine, jamey Scott, edited the song down todo just the lyrics i wanted and adjusted the tempo todo make it an Even 120 beats per minute (this made figuring out the timing for 24 frames per second a Snap). i imported the audio and bitmap render of the mouth shapes into magpie pro, a great Little stand-alone ap for figuring out lip-synch and making Dope shets. After Lots of scrubíng and pushing images around between frames i had the basic lip-synch worked out, and i transferred that información into a:m. Note: the current versión of animation master now has similar lip-synch features built in. Once in a:m i was able todo fine tune the lip-synch more and add áreas of emphasis. Of course i would not be satisfied with Blit Simply reciting the lyrics; i had todo make a big production of it. Inspired by 70 variety and music shows like solid gold i choreographed a hokey stage number complete with colored lights, Camera dolly and a dance flor right out of saturday night fever.

No creas que el Magpie te hace todo, es solo una herramienta de ayuda. Por otro lado, Navone una vez contó que precisamente había hecho ese corto como un ejercicio para aprender lipsync.

Yo probé la demo hace mucho y era muy fácil de utilizar y bien documentado.