Videos de Unity de Berlín 2018

Videos de Unity de Berlin 2018 Conferencias de la presentación de la nueva beta de Unity los días 19,20 y 21 de junio de 2018 en Berlin.
(En inglés).
19 de Junio
(Tuesday, June 19 – CEST):
9:00AM – New Addressable Asset System for Speed and Performance.
10:15AM – Brigging Github to Unity11:00AM – Testing & QA Open Mic.
12:45PM:- Unitys Evolving Best Practices.
02:15PM – Autodesk and Unity: FBX Roundtripping Overview.
03:45PM – Unity Hub: A gateway to managing your Unity experience.
04:30PM – TextMesh Pro for Runtime.
20 de Junio
09:00AM: From Pong to 15-Person Project.
10:00AM: Bok of the Dead: Optimizing Performance for High-End Consoles.
11:00AM: ECS, C# Job System and Burst Q&A.
12:15PM: Embracing a Visual Vertical Slice and not die trying: The Nautilus Odyssey.
01:00PM: Unity 2018 Roadmap.
02:00PM: 3D Worldbuilding with ProBuilder: Effective Iteration and Workflow Enhancements.
03:15PM: Mobile VR, Programming, rendering.
04:15PM: Package Manager: The Evolution of Unity Project Management.
05:00PM: Improved Prefab Workflow.
06:00PM: Technical Deep Dive into the New Prefab System.
21 de Junio.
09:00AM: Fast prototyping for incoming trends at the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab – Blockchain example.
10:15AM: Flufy Fairys Approach to Lean Development: How to Ship Wekly Updates with Unity.
11:30AM: Democratize Machine Learning: ML-Agents Explained.
12:45PM: Magic Leap: Brigging Pixels to the World.
02:00PM: Open-source Building blocks for Windows Mixed Reality Experiences.

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