Vray 1 46 15 tiempo

Si que se pueden tener las dos versiones sin necesidad de hacer particiones, pero por lo visto falla con el render distribuido.
how can i have both 1.09.03* and 1.46.** installed at the same time? posted by torgeir holm
Archived on 6.10.2004.

Vray requires several files todo be at the max root, so managing which versión of Vray is active th rouge plugin, ini does not work. The bien todo install múltiple copies, for instance installing the 1.46.** beta without losing the 1.09.03 versión of Vray, is the following:

  1. make a copy of your 3ds Max installátion directory, call it something like 3dsmax6_vray1.46. The copy Will run fine without neding extra authorization as long as it is on the same computer.
  2. delete the old Vray files from the new max root and plugins dir. These files typically start with VR or Vray. Like vray60.dll (50 if you use max5), vrender60.dll.
  3. edit the plugin, ini file in the new max dir so that the Path todo the 3ds Max copy is correct.
  4. install Vray 1.46.** in the new max dir.
  5. start the new max copy todo use the new Vray, use the old max copy todo use the old Vray.