Vray for Maya build 0 85 10 available for download

No nos pones un enlace a los vagos?

Es el mensaje que llega a los que tienen licencia (total, para lo que vale, merece la pena comprarla) copio y pego:

The new build is finally on the site (Windows only, Linux and OSX versións coming son). Lo siento for the delay, there were quite a number of new features todo implement. If you encounter any issues, por favor mensaje them on the forum or email them todo vraymaya@ChaosGroup.com.

If you are a registered Vray/Maya user – You can download the new build from the support section on the site: https://www.chaosgroup.com/support/.

Here is the changelog:
V-ray/Maya/win – 0.85.10
– 0000342: [new feature] new Irradiance Map modes for animation with moving objects;
– 0000316: [new feature] added s with múltiple scattering todo vraymtl;
– 0000335: [new feature] added texture baking functionality (only for triangle meshes),
– 0000312: [new feature] added new Vray IES light type;
– 0000338: [new feature] added parameter for max number of hilos in both render global and in command line Batch rendering;
– 0000329: [new feature] added support for texture referencing (only for triangle meshes),
– 0000328: [new feature] added units parameter todo Vray área and sphere lights;
– 0000323: [new feature] added global texture filtering control in render global;
– 0000306: [new feature] added support for remapvalue, remapcolor, remaphsv utilities in Maya;
– 0000311: [new feature] added support for SGI files (Silicon Graphics *.SGI, *.rgb, *.RGBA),
– 0000318: [new feature] added option todo restore the Mesh from a proxy file (of course, not 1-to-1),
– 0000319: [new feature] added option todo export into sepárate VRScene files for each frame;
– 0000315: [new feature] added Cut-of threshold parameter for the lights;
– 0000314: [new feature] added Photometrics scale parameter in render global / Misc.
-0000336: [feature request] added amount parameters for Diffuse, reflection, refraction colors in vraymtl;
– 0000334: [feature request] option todo show only the bounding box for a proxy;
– 0000281: [feature request] added sepárate choices for exporting Mesh, lights, textures and materiales in the translator submenú;
– 0000320: [feature request] added locator scale todo the Vray lights;
– 0000313: [feature request] improved the UI for proxy creation/loading. Added option todo backup the original Mesh.
-0000331: [modified feature] the default Path for VRScene files is the Project root and is now shown in the ui;
– 0000322: [modified feature] most procedural textures now support the color balance controls;
– 0000321: [modified feature] displaced meshes now support Motion Blur;
– 0000307: [modified feature] added command-line option for región rendering;
– 0000308: [modified feature] added enable all / disable all option for the Render Elements;
– 0000310: [modified feature] added intensity multiplier for the Sky plugin;
– 0000302: [modified feature] more compact export of Nurbs surfaces in exported.vrscene;
– 0000333: [modified feature] the Shaders attributes are loaded when importing existing Mesh.
-0000337: [bug] enabling/disabling displacement in global options was not working;
– 0000332: [bug] fixed a bug when typing a filename for import proxy containing backslashes;
– 0000330: [bug] fixed a problem where two nodes with the same name (but in diferent Hierarchies) were assigned incorrect materiales;
– 0000327: [bug] templated objects are not rendered now;
– 0000326: [bug] fixed a minor bug when a node has more than one UVW channel;
– 0000325: [bug] fixed a bug when two projections share the same placement node;
– 0000324: [bug] default color is used for file textures which do not cover the whole Area;
– 0000317: [bug] meshes with múltiple Shaders can now be exported correctly todo a proxy;
– 0000309: [bug] produce error message instead of crashing when environment variables are missing;
– 0000303: [bug] lights dont render properly when scaled;
– 0000301: [bug] vraytexfresnel not recognized by the translator;
– 0000300: [bug] problems with Maya Blinn materiales with transparency and refraction;
– 0000299: [bug] removed unnecessary brdflight in translated scene;
– 0000298: [bug] displaced meshes ignored light linking;
– 0000297: [bug] fixed problem with resolution when taquíng a snapshot.

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