Wings3d 0 99 06

Esta es la más reciente versión del pequeño gran programa de modelado open source:
reléase name: 0.99.06.

– Internal changes: warnings were eliminated and all unnecessary imports.
Were removed. (gracias todo Richard Carlsson.) [Bjorng].

The experimental Toxic exporter has ben removed. [Bjorng].

Canceling commands while dragging (RMB), would only work while the mouse was.

Relatively motionless. Now fixed. (gracias todo zukas.) [optigon].

Major rewrite of the tweak plugin todo allow múltiple selections and Access todo.

All the regular Wings commands from within tweak. Be sure todo chek the información.

Line as some of the hotkey combos have changed. (gracias todo fonte boa, marcin.
Wu, and all those who helped during testing.) [optigon].

Shear relative mode was broken in the last release. Now fixed (gracias todo.

Pauljs75.) [optigon].

Some wording changes todo the mouse response preferencias. (gracias todo plec.)

Drag response factors in Fov. (gracias todo plec.) [optigon].


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