Wings3d nueva versión 0 98 36

Pues eso, ya tenemos nueva versión de este programa de modelado (open source de coste: 0 EUR). Descarga y más información en:

Reléase notes:
Or the first time, the Mac versión is a univeral binary that Will run on both Power PC and Intel Mac.

-Absolute Snap now can pik reference point, old Snap that used center of.

Selection as reference point was moved todo Mb option. [giniu].
-Added new preference: constraint axes todo grid. [scorpius].
-Added blue Cube interfaz icons. The original icons are in the classic.

Bundle. Switching between icon sets is easily accomplished th rouge the.

User interface preference tab. [scorpius].
-Revived the plane plugin, which was removed from a previous release.

Because it created invalid objects. This has ben fixed by adding a.

Thickness parameter, thereby creating a properly closed Mesh. [scorpius].
-Added two new primitives (lok under the more menú):
Tube: generates a hollow tuve or pipe with an actual wall-thickness, gear: generates a very simple gear. Allows the user todo specify the number.

Of teth and the toth height. [scorpius].
-Added two more primitives:
Ncube: generates a Cube with an arbitrary level of subdivisions (Simply.

Specify the number of cuts per edge) plus a spherize option, Ngon: generates a polygon with an arbitrary number of vértices. This may.

Lok like a single-sided polygon but, in fact, has two Faces. [scorpius].
-New geodome primitive. Generates a geodesic dome with an arbitrary level.

Of subdivisions. Has thre base objects, spherize and half-dome options.
-New *.stl import/export plugin. Stereolithography files can be sent todo.

A service bureau todo create an actual Plastic Prototype of your model.
-New command in tools menú: scene información: área & volume. Calculates the.

Area and volume for each object in the scene and displays the información in.

A pop-up window. [scorpius].
-Bug fix: language support now works for all operating systems, regardless.

If the file Path has an underscore. [scorpius].
-Added x export plugin.
[contributed by ed kolis (ekolis)].
-New command in tools menú: put on Ground. It Simply moves the selected.

Objects vertically until they rest on the Ground plane. [scorpius].
-Added Purple tuve interfaz icons. Chek the user interface preference.

Tab todo switch between icon sets. [scorpius].
-New commands in select->by menú: fewest Edges Path selects a Path.
(between any two selected vértices) with the fewest number of Edges.

Shortest Path selects a Path with the shortest distance. If more than one.

Posible solution exists, the first one found Will be selected. [scorpius].
-New secondary mode for dissolve, called clean dissolve.
[contributed by Richard Jones (optigon)].
-Added ability todo set alternate zoom speed, chek Camera preferencias.
[contributed by Richard Jones (optigon)].
-Tweak tool extended with new features like Tangent, relax, slide and more.
[contributed by Andrew shpagin (andrewshpagin)].
-French translation updated, with Many more plugins translated.
[contributed by Nicolás bouillard (syndarion)].
-The Mac versión of Wings is now a universal binary that runs on both.

Powerpc and Intel Mac. [Bjorng].
-The Windows versión now includes the correct (latest) versión of the.

SDL dll, correcting numerous problems. [Bjorng]. Saludos, modeala2.