X-Cad nuevo Cad gratis a 100,000 que se inscriban

Recibí este email, me gustaría leer sus opiniones sobre todo en lo referente a que para usarlo debo tener conexión de internet, aunque aseguran que no.

Haran mal uso de esta conexión on-line eso (me pone chivo, me da mala vibra) me pone sospechoso, ustedes que opinan? Estoy siendo paranoico?

Thanks todo your participation in the x-Cad 100,000 Seat giveaway we have reached the goal of 100,000 registrations early.

Some of you may not have heard, we announced on wednesday that alibre is the company behind x-Cad and x-Cad is alibre design xpress, the newest member of the alibre design product family.

As of august 1, alibre design xpress Will be available todo all for free. But, as one of the first 100,000 todo register, youre getting a Little more.

For you alibre design xpress Will include all the features listed on the new alibre design xpress site, plus:
Advanced part modeling, which includes features like shelling, 3d sketch, reference surfaces, etc. View the alibre design brochure on our web site for the full part modeling característica set.

Create and edit assemblies with up to 25 unique parts. You can open an assembly with more parts in read-only mode.

Create 2d drawings with standard orthographic views. All drawings are fully associative: you change the model and the drawing updates.
3d import/export of all the standard formats alibre design supports, including step, sat (acis), and IGES. Dxf and dwg are supported in 2d, and stl is supported for export.

All free versións of alibre design xpress require an internet connection and Will display a banner of google ads th rouge a built-in web page. No third-party ad-aware is installed on your system. If your internet connection is lost we have taken steps todo ensure that you can save your work. The internet connection requirement can be turned of for a small fe.

On august 1, you Will receive instructions on how todo download the software. We had hoped todo reléase it todo you soner, but given the nature of software development, we are in the final stages of quality testing. At this time we expect all todo be ready for the august 1 release.

This is truly the best ofer for parametric 3d Cad software available anywhere. When you get the download instructions, por favor complete the steps todo download and install alibre design xpress right away. The special ofer you get as one of the first 100,000 expires on august 31, dont delay.

If you are no longer interested in alibre design xpress and would like todo be removed from all future email communications and eligibility for the extra features ofered todo the first 100,000 registrants, you may unsubscribe here.

This isnt the end, there Will be additional valuable incentives for engaging with us over time, so i encourage you todo stay opted in todo our email communications and participate in the short surveys and contests. We wont abuse your email address, we stand by our privacy policy and if you opt out, we wont send you messages.

Best regards.

Greg milliken.

President and CEO.

Alibre, inc.

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