Zapplink v3 releaseado

Zapplink v3 releaseado-zapplink-banner2.jpg
Zapplink is now available for ZBrush 3.1. This new versión expands upon what Zapplink was capable of under ZBrush 2 th rouge several new features:
Integrated editor selection so that you can easily set the application that ZBrush Will enlace with.

No ned todo use projection master. Zapplink integrates with it automátically, making it a breze todo use Photoshop? In your texturing and Polypainting.

Create ZBrush stencils in Photoshop? Vía selection tools.

Save and load views of your model.

Send your estored views todo Photoshop? All at once.

Create a character strip with all views of your model.

It a los includes new tools for integrating ZBrush canvas layers and other Photoshop? Related layer systems.

Create new ZBrush layers in Photoshop?
Masque parts of the ZBrush canvas th rouge Photoshop layer mask features.

In short, the new Zapplink provides powerful tools for all aspects of ZBrush use. Whether painting the ZBrush canvas or painting on a 3d model in Edit Mode, Zapplink has features todo make your work easier – And faster. descarga.

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